PoF Website Not Working, Hack Suggested


Hack, take over or just plain bad luck for Plenty of Fish users not being able to access the website or mobile app? So many people are complaining with one question in mind, “ The Plenty of Fish website and app are not working, when will it be back up?” Both PoF website and app are down and … [Read more...]

Argos Website is Down, 3 for 2 Sale Incoming

Argos Website is Down

When you try to open Argos you will see that the website is down with a message attached, which says “Sorry, we need a moment. Demand for this part of the site is really high. Stay with us. We'll refresh this page automatically so you can continue shopping as soon as possible.” It has been down … [Read more...]

Complete Guide to Increase ROI through Social Media

Why ResultFirst

Over past years, social media channels have emerged as a prime platform for free and paid brand promotion. Today, you can find social profiles of numerous coveted organizations. But, the clouds of confusion don’t seem to get over as various entrepreneurs still believe that social media isn’t that … [Read more...]

HSBC Bank Website is down on Aug 1

hsbc down

Today on August 1 customers are having problems accessing their online bank accounts due to the official HSBC website being down. When you go to hsbc.co.uk nothing happens, which means the website is down, and we have tried to get an explanation to no avail. Even when you search on the … [Read more...]

Social Media Tips for Jobseekers via Infographic

jobseekers 2

This time Social media and communication are the anger, in private life as well as in business. We all like to interface with each other, and we have recently found a superb venue rising for us to utilize. Actually, as with anything social, work inquiry is an expansive part of what is going … [Read more...]

Social Media Superheroes Present: Event Marketing Infographic

Social Superheroes Present

Whether you’re hosting a small local gathering or a huge corporate party, planning a successful event has never been associated with the word “easy”. With that said, the industry is changing for the better and the way in which we market our events is forever evolving and changing for the … [Read more...]

Tips on Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Tips on Time Management for Entrepreneurs

If you’re already familiar with basic principles of time management, you might know that these insights help to increase productivity per unit of time. Of course, time management is applicable not only to entrepreneurship – it permeates our activities starting from the early morning and ending with … [Read more...]

BT Internet, Broadband Outage Today July 20

BT Internet, Broadband Outage

There is a BT Internet / Broadband outage today on July 20 and customers are coming forward to report the issues on sites such as ‘Down Today’, which allows customers to share their service status with others. The BT outage today in the UK surrounds the Internet being down for unknown … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer Radio Down with Internal Server Error 500

BBC iPlayer Radio Down

When trying to access BBC iPlayer Radio you will be prompted with an onscreen message saying, “Error 500 - Internal Server Error,’ which basically means the website page is down. On the website they do explain that this error and what you can possible do, such as the error could be temporary … [Read more...]

Book Sun Holiday with Live July 2016 Codes

Book Sun Holiday with Live July 2016 Codes

The Sun Holiday Codes for July 2016 are now live and ready to use if you have the reference number, if you do not then you can book tomorrow on the 18th. This is exciting because you can book holidays across the UK and some parts of the EU for as little as £9.50. The offer tokens are now live … [Read more...]

PSN Status Down, Not Undergoing Maintenance Today July 13

PSN Status Down pic 2

Gamers PSN status is down today on July 13 and it is not undergoing maintenance, as this is not scheduled until 19/07/2016, 05:30, which will last 1 hour. Many gamers have taken to social media channels and down websites such as Twitter and Is Down Right Now USA to report that they have no … [Read more...]

Infographic: Social Media Must-Follows for Hockey Fans

Social Media Must-Follows for Hockey Fans pic 2

Look at any major sports team’s official website and one of the first things you will find on the homepage is a series of link to their verified social media channels. In an age where people simply cannot get enough of content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth, these brands realize … [Read more...]

YouTube went Down with 500 Internal Server Error

YouTube went Down with 500 Internal Server Error

Funny how Taylor Swift declares war with the video sharing website and all of a sudden YouTube is down with 500 Internal Server Error. Is YouTube down for you? If the answer is yes please do leave your location below, this will help to see if it is a global problem. The YouTube website and … [Read more...]

Ways You Can Use Social Media To Improve Your SEO

Social Media To Improve Your SEO 3

Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing all go hand in hand when it comes to building online visibility, driving traffic and conversions. What are we going to discuss today is how you can use social media to improve your Search Engine Optimisation. A number of ranking … [Read more...]

How to Turn Visitors into Long-Term Customers via Social Media


For the last 5 to 7 years, we have heard about how social media is the greatest marketing tool available in the online arena. SEO experts have been declaring social media to be an unparalleled marketing behemoth that, when used correctly, can vault a business from a small-time operation into a … [Read more...]

Tips for aspiring social media marketers

Tips for aspiring social media marketers

So, you want to work in social media. Good for you - it’s a fabulous career path where every day differs from the last. But how do you get started? Where do you go? Who do you speak to? We aim to answer those questions, and more, in this post. When choosing to work in a fast-moving, dynamic … [Read more...]

Lakeland Electric Power Outage Map Shows Problems

Lakeland Electric Power Outage Map 1

Reports from customers are coming in of the Lakeland Electric power outage that is taking places in a few locations. If you are having issues with your electric right now please do report them here. Customers are letting us know there are a few issues with their electricity so we have decided … [Read more...]

Using mind maps to brainstorm social media content ideas

mind mapping

Does your social media marketing campaign feel like a waste of time? Are you fed up with scheduling each week’s posts with what you believe to be engaging content only for your number of followers and levels of engagement to flatline? Like anything, social media content needs careful … [Read more...]

The Division Maintenance May 24, Update 1.2 Release Time

the division conflict pic 2

Are you getting ready for the new The Division Conflict update 1.2? Tom Clancy’s The Division is now offline on May 24 due to a 3-hour maintenance because it is getting ready to deploy the new update. Ubisoft will be deploying The Division update 1.2: Conflict fairly soon, so please be … [Read more...]

Social Media Demographics: Who is on what?

Tips For Improving Your Social Media Posts

Social media is king of the ring when it comes to advertising. I don’t know about you, but I can't get through 30 seconds of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter without being bombarded with sponsored ads. If you feel like your senses have been dulled by the constant barrage of adverts, we all share your … [Read more...]

Tips For Improving Your Social Media Posts


Improving their social media posts is the point of focus for the overwhelming majority of business owners around the world. The secret to achieving that is to make readers feel connected to you and have a better understanding of your brand. According to research, the more you influence people, the … [Read more...]

Barclays.net Down, Trojan Virus Affecting Smart Cards

Barclays.net Website Down, Login Problems

Many customers are not too happy at the moment because Barclays.Net is currently unavailable, when you try to open the website all you will see is an error message saying the service is basically down. Also a warning message has been put out on the website about a Trojan Virus affecting Smart … [Read more...]

6 Productivity Boosting Tools for Social Media Marketers

6 Productivity Boosting Tools for Social Media Marketers

According to HubSpot, 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that 83% of marketers now view social media as important for their business; gone are the days where it was just a personal endeavour. As a result, social media marketers are in high … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Organic Reach on Social Media (Infographic)

infographic cheat sheet

Shifts in the algorithms of today’s social media platforms caused what is known as the “Reachpocalypse” where the ability for posts to be seen by audience members on Facebook and other social media platforms drastically plummeted without the aid of paid advertising. Whether you believe this … [Read more...]