How to Turn Visitors into Long-Term Customers via Social Media

For the last 5 to 7 years, we have heard about how social media is the greatest marketing tool available in the online arena. SEO experts have been declaring social media to be an unparalleled marketing behemoth that, when used correctly, can vault a business from a small-time operation into a world-class organisation. So why are more companies not realising success through social media? Because they do not understand how to use it to create long-term customers.

Long-Term Customers via Social Media

Business growth and development depend entirely on new customers becoming long-term customers. No business can survive without them. The truth of the matter is that long-term customers provide the foundation of every successful business venture.

It Starts with Your Website

What many business owners fail to understand is that using social media to create long-term customers actually starts on their own company websites. You see, social media is not where a company sells its products or services. Social media is designed to direct customers to that company’s primary website. Therefore, the company must have a solid website capable of retaining long-term customers before they start driving traffic to it.

The two primary goals for any business website are as follows:

1. To offer access to products and services in the easiest, most user-friendly manner possible; and
2. To retain those visitors by making sure that the customer experience is always a pleasant one.

A high quality, well presented website that can retain visitors is a website that is ready to be promoted via social media. Conversely, using social media to direct customers to a poorly implemented website will do more harm than good.

retain visitors

Daily Social Media Engagement

The next step in creating long-term customers via social media is to engage them daily. There is some debate as to the frequency of social media posts, but there are no hard and fast rules. The key is to experiment with various social media channels until the right formula is reached. At the very least, the company should be engaging with their social media followers at least on a daily basis. Some platforms, like Twitter, for example, may require multiple posts in the same day.

The Social Media Conversation

Next, realising the maximum possible benefit from social media relies heavily on creating a conversation with customers. This is what social media is all about: conversations. Social media posts, therefore, do not need to be highly technical or tremendously detailed. Leave that kind of content for your primary website. Instead, use social media for short bursts of information that encourage your visitors to both visit your site, and discuss your content. Give them things interesting enough that they’ll want to share them with others.

Engage Followers Positively

Last but not least is the need to always treat your social media followers well. Don’t ignore them when they post, and don’t argue with them even if you do not agree with what they have to say. Individual social media users can use their own pages to debate the issues of the day. The purpose of your social media channels is to engage readers in a positive manner that creates a good impression in their minds.

By creating a thoughtful, positive, and engaging social media presence, business owners can drive traffic to their websites more frequently. Subsequently, a website that is built purposely to retain customers is one that will create long-term relationships that will help the business grow and expand. None of it is complicated in principle; it is simply a matter of implementing the right strategies in the right ways.

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