Maximize Your Organic Reach on Social Media (Infographic)

Shifts in the algorithms of today’s social media platforms caused what is known as the “Reachpocalypse” where the ability for posts to be seen by audience members on Facebook and other social media platforms drastically plummeted without the aid of paid advertising.

Whether you believe this was solely motivated by money, or the choices were made to create better user experiences, there are still ways to maximize your organic reach. Today we’ll look at a few and I’ll show you an infographic cheat sheet designed to help your posts go the distance.

The State of Organic Reach on Social Media

As platforms continue to grow, websites like Facebook are forced to make changes in the wake of increased content sharing. This led to changes that altered what users saw in their news feeds. The content curated here would be chosen based on that user’s interests and desires from the platform.

Overly promotional posts are hit the hardest, which is why it’s important to post valuable and relevant content if you want to increase your organic reach. Even something as simple as a free addition to your profile picture can create engagement and boost your reach.

A study by Locowise found that Facebook pages with more than a million “likes” only have a 2.27% organic reach! We can boost this number, but to do so, you need to employ the best practices specific to each platform.

That’s why today I’ve brought you an infographic from on blast blog that will help you maximize your organic reach on social media! Let me know how it helped you in the comments!

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infographic cheat sheet