Social Media Tips for Jobseekers via Infographic

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This time Social media and communication are the anger, in private life as well as in business. We all like to interface with each other, and we have recently found a superb venue rising for us to utilize. Actually, as with anything social, work inquiry is an expansive part of what is going … [Read more...]

Social Media Superheroes Present: Event Marketing Infographic

Social Superheroes Present

Whether you’re hosting a small local gathering or a huge corporate party, planning a successful event has never been associated with the word “easy”. With that said, the industry is changing for the better and the way in which we market our events is forever evolving and changing for the … [Read more...]

Infographic: Social Media Must-Follows for Hockey Fans

Social Media Must-Follows for Hockey Fans pic 2

Look at any major sports team’s official website and one of the first things you will find on the homepage is a series of link to their verified social media channels. In an age where people simply cannot get enough of content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth, these brands realize … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Organic Reach on Social Media (Infographic)

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Shifts in the algorithms of today’s social media platforms caused what is known as the “Reachpocalypse” where the ability for posts to be seen by audience members on Facebook and other social media platforms drastically plummeted without the aid of paid advertising. Whether you believe this … [Read more...]

Digital Trends & SMBs: Infographic

Digital Trends & SMBs- Infographic

With every day and week that passes, it is difficult not to escape news of some new digital trend. Our email inbox receives regular updates from digital companies who wish to sell you their digital solution and it can be difficult for an SMB owner to know what to focus on and where the best places … [Read more...]

Bug Bounties: 15 Most Famous Ethical Hackers In The World

15 Most Famous Ethical Hackers

A small band of web wizards patrol the Internet looking for potential security hazards, with major firms offering payouts for their hard work. If you thought all computer hackers were out there to steal your credit card information and personal details you’d be very wrong. Some hackers are … [Read more...]

5 Significant Ways To Increase Engagement On YouTube

5 Significant Ways To Increase Engagement On YouTube

Engagement, in any respect, is a measure of users who choose to act on any one of the many calls-to-action that you provide in or below your YouTube video. YouTube gets over 1 million unique visitors each month, and more than 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute. However, only a few manage … [Read more...]

Social media impact on tourism sector and hotels


Social media has had a wide reaching impact on the tourism industry. The channels that hospitality organisations choose to utilise range from Facebook to Twitter, and Pinterest to Instagram, as well as the most direct user-generated-content channel, TripAdvisor. Social media platforms are now … [Read more...]

Targeting the always-on consumer: Infographic

Targeting the always-on consumer- Infographic pic 2

People are living digitally at home, at work and everywhere in between, offering businesses a chance to connect with their customers 24/7. The issue lies in when and how to target these consumers. 57% of consumers are more likely to pay attention to companies if they are contacted at the right … [Read more...]

Most powerful Avenger on YouTube

Most powerful Avenger on YouTube pic 1

As excitement builds for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” premier today on Friday May 1 in USA, it has been revealed that if Iron Man and Captain America faced off on YouTube, Iron Man would win. According to YouTube marketing and data company ZEFR, Iron Man videos have 3.7 billion views on YouTube … [Read more...]

The value of building branded online communities

The value of building branded online communities pic 2

Why do branded online communities matter? An infographic from Inversoft shows the dramatic benefits companies realize by building and growing branded online communities. For those that have invested in social marketing the data speaks for itself but thousands of companies are on the fence, either … [Read more...]

Twitter advertising birthday infographic

Twitter advertising birthday infographic pic 1

Twitter advertising celebrates 5 years in existence on April 13th, so it makes perfect sense to see an infographic showing its development. Eddie O’ Driscoll, Managing Director of DPFOC UK & Ireland has created the perfect infographic titled ‘Happy 5th Birthday Twitter Advertising’ and it is a … [Read more...]

Facebook, Google, Twitter embrace concept of Bleisure

Facebook, Google, Twitter embraces concept of Bleisure pic 2

New research in the form of an infographic titled The “Bleisure” Revolution – How Tech Giants are shaping the workplace of tomorrow’ is rather interesting indeed. It shows Facebook, Google, Twitter embracing the concept of Bleisure. Thank to Edel Mahony, the marketing executive of a company … [Read more...]

Journey to becoming a LinkedIn Jedi master: Infographic

How To Become A LinkedIn Jedi pic 1

LinkedIn has quickly grown to become the world’s top most professional outlet for networking businessmen and women. According to some reports, two new users join every month, and the LinkedIn “army” has climbed to almost 3 billion worldwide users. Available in over 200 countries and with 21 … [Read more...]

Social media benefits for B2B marketers in 2015

Social media benefits for B2B marketers in 2015  pic 3

Social media is a place where business-to-business (B2B) can benefit, and the social media benefits for B2B marketers in 2015 can be huge when you look at the statistics. When you look at today's B2B marketers and how they cannot go very far with traditional methods of digital marketing. Social … [Read more...]

2015 Chinese social media trends

2015 Chinese social media trends pic 1

Social media usage is growing at a fast rate and of course growth across the world will only but rise, and China is no exception. With an Internet user population of 650 million (nearly twice the population of the entire U.S.) and censorship laws that prohibit those consumers from participating in … [Read more...]

Lawyers experimenting with social media: Infographic

Lawyers experimenting with social media pic 1

Looks like lawyers are experimenting with social media, and a new survey according to ABA's most recent Legal Technology Survey, lawyers are doing this more than ever and 2015 will see more of them of social platforms. When it comes to lawyers and social media 62% of law forms maintain social … [Read more...]

Instagram strategy for brands, followers in 2015

Instagram strategy for brands, followers in 2015 pic 1

Instagram is a social media network that is growing at a substantial rate, so much so it has become a major asset to Facebook. With Instagram being worth around $33 billion and with the followership it is a platform you need to be on perfecting your strategy to make it work in your … [Read more...]

Instagram rise vs Facebook UK usage in infographic

Instagram rise vs Facebook UK usage in infographic pic 1

Social media network Facebook has always been the dominant around the world, especially in the UK. But, a new report in the form of an infographic has been released showing Facebook has slipped a little whilst Instagram climbs when it comes to usage. Data from GlobalWebIndex profiles both … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday YouTube! You are 10 this February 14

Happy Birthday YouTube! You Are 10 this February 14 pic 1

YouTube is 10 years old on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2015 and what an amazing ten years they have had. It all started with your parents Chad Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim, all former employees of PayPal that founded YouTube. YouTube's birth was an amazing one where the domain name was … [Read more...]

Infographic on Valentine’s Day public affection on Facebook

Infographic on Valentine’s Day public affection on Facebook pic 2

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love and showing how much you care for a loved one, that special person in your life, heart and soul. But even though there are thousands who do not like to share their affections with people other than the one they love, there are millions who do like to … [Read more...]

Katy Perry rules Super Bowl on social media: Infographic

Katy Perry ruled the Super Bowl on social media- Infographic pic 1

Even with a fantastic ending, the most talked-about part of last night’s Super Bowl might have been the halftime show. Katy Perry’s performance generated more than 31 MILLION Twitter and Instagram impressions, resulting in a viewer sentiment of 75.4% positive. Zoomph, the premier social … [Read more...]

Social media vs. Email marketing infographic verdict

Social media vs. Email marketing infographic verdict main pic

There are many decisions to make in life when it comes to choosing social media or email marketing. Would you know, which one is better? Debates are always going to arise and stick when it comes to choosing the right path, both have their benefits and values, and using each one of them can help … [Read more...]

2014 US ecommerce market report through infographic

2014 US ecommerce market report through infographic pic 3

The US ecommerce market stands at £252billion, making it by far the leading international nation. This explains why online companies increasingly focus on the US market, shipping overseas via efficient and competitive couriers and expanding social and PR campaigns to American audiences. With … [Read more...]

Using Twitter Cards to drive traffic: Infographic

Using Twitter Cards to drive traffic- Infographic pic 1

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that only uses up to 140-characters to get your message across, so you have to be to the point in what you tweet. But, there are many ways to expand on the 140-characters, such as photos, direct downloads, videos and much more. This is where Twitter Cards could … [Read more...]