HSBC Bank Website is down on Aug 1

Today on August 1 customers are having problems accessing their online bank accounts due to the official HSBC website being down.

hsbc website down pic 1

When you go to nothing happens, which means the website is down, and we have tried to get an explanation to no avail. Even when you search on the official HSBC Twitter account there are no tweets as to why online services have come to a halt.

Many customers have taken to social media networks and down sites to ask what is happening with many asking is HSBC experiencing Internet banking problems. But looking at a few tweets from HSBC in reply they are saying there are no issues.

Is HSBC Internet banking and the official website down for you?

hsbc down

  • Maney

    I cannot access the website, so you are correct OSM.

  • James

    I can access my HSBC app on iPhone but cannot access the website on Firefox or Safari.

  • Alice

    HSBC website and internet banking are down.