BT Internet, Broadband Outage Today July 20

There is a BT Internet / Broadband outage today on July 20 and customers are coming forward to report the issues on sites such as ‘Down Today’, which allows customers to share their service status with others.

BT website down

The BT outage today in the UK surrounds the Internet being down for unknown reasons, which obviously takes down its email services too. BT are aware of the issues and have tweeted on its BT Care Twitter page reporting that some BT Broadband customers have come forward to let them know they are having problems accessing websites.

Are you having BT problems right now? If you are please do come forward and let us know.

A few BT customers have commented over on Down Today issues with the service, one said they have been trying to access BT mail for ages, another mentioned they got server not found when trying to get onto BT Internet.

If you visit the official BT status page and then click on the tab ‘Broadband and Email’ you will see ongoing issues. Seems to be a few troubles with phone services also.

BT Internet, Broadband Outage