Social Media Superheroes Present: Event Marketing Infographic

Whether you’re hosting a small local gathering or a huge corporate party, planning a successful event has never been associated with the word “easy”. With that said, the industry is changing for the better and the way in which we market our events is forever evolving and changing for the better.

Social Superheroes present Event Marketing

Many will remember the time when sending out invites by post was just the norm, then email was introduced which resulted in many aspects of the planning process swiftly moving forwards in a positive direction.
Then social media sites began to appear, and only a few took off (MySpace springs to mind, remember that?) and then the likes of Facebook and twitter began to slowly but surely dominate the social markets, and this is why utilising these platforms is essential for the event professional.
As I’m sure you’re aware, the event organisers job is to ensure the success of the event on every level, stretching from the smallest task, such as updating the guest list, to things of more importance, such as ensuring the guests are all having the time of their live! Many organisers and small businesses are still struggling to get to grips with effectively using social media sites, but not need to worry, Maximillion and the social superheroes are here to educate and offer priceless advice covering event marketing and utilising social media to ensure the success of your next event.

event marketing infographic
Courtesy of: Maximillion

Social Superheroes Present