Argos Website is Down, 3 for 2 Sale Incoming

When you try to open Argos you will see that the website is down with a message attached, which says “Sorry, we need a moment. Demand for this part of the site is really high. Stay with us. We’ll refresh this page automatically so you can continue shopping as soon as possible.”

It has been down for around 20 minutes so far and counting, some are wondering if this is due to shoppers looking for the 3 for 2 sale, which is going live tomorrow Sept 21. Be sure to visit this page for all the deals, demand seems very high for this sale at the moment.

If you are having issues getting the Argos website to open or any apps please do comment below. We are sure they are just experiencing a high volume in traffic and all will be sorted soon.

Argos Website is Down

  • Joanne

    Yeah, it is down for me.

  • Carla

    Down for me also in Greenwich.