Complete Guide to Increase ROI through Social Media

Over past years, social media channels have emerged as a prime platform for free and paid brand promotion. Today, you can find social profiles of numerous coveted organizations. But, the clouds of confusion don’t seem to get over as various entrepreneurs still believe that social media isn’t that effective and can’t produce any fruitful result for their business.

Social media is crucial today, but it will become imperative tomorrow. Promoting brand on social media is like achieving two targets with one shot.

You must be thinking, how? Well, the answer of this how is pretty straightforward to understand.

CMO survey

Brand promotion on social media boosts awareness that allows you earn valuable business leads which in turn maximizes your ROI. To know the significance of social media in business, check out the following striking information:

1) A study conducted by the CMO survey reveals that the share of social marketing budgets will be increased up to 24 percent by 2020.

2) As per the Link Humans, social media advertising revenue will touch $9.8 billion in 2016.

3) MarketingSherpa, 33 percent of millennials find social media as one of their ideal channels for connecting with businesses.

4) According to a blog on Social Media Examiner, 96 percent of small business owners use social media, and 92 percent of those agree or strongly agree with the expression, “Social media marketing is important for my business.”

5) According to MediaPost, Instagram with 72 percent is the top social media platform marketers plan to invest more in advertising, followed by Facebook with 61 percent, Pinterest with 41 percent, and Snapchat with 36 percent.>

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Ok! It works, but why social media?

See the next point to know the answer that came out through my personal experience.

Why Social Media

Why Social Media?

Various people believe that social media is good for brand engagement, but terrible for conversion which points to the fact that it does not give any ROI which is not a true fact.

Just like you, I am an everyday social media user, and I can’t deny the fact that several times I gave shot to new mobile apps, booked an event, took part in something (surveys) and ordered products after watching ads and often when I saw my friends talking about the same. I would never prefer to buy something from a salesperson over the phone, but I would like to check offers when I would see a compelling ad or people talking about something on social media. So, no doubt that social media helps boost selling because I am not the only person who reacts in this manner.

But, before you start promoting your brand on different social media channels, you need to create a powerful social media marketing strategy so that you could promote your brand effectively. Otherwise, all your efforts may go wasted.

Now, let’s take a glance at the following information that uncovers how one can increase ROI through social media:

Create Social Profiles on Different Social Platforms

Every social platform has its dedicated group of audience who enjoy spending their maximum time on a daily basis. Today, companies promote offers on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, and others. So, you can’t say which one is the best for increasing ROI. Therefore, analyze what your competitors are doing and pick platform accordingly.

Create social profiles to influence

Create social profiles to influence your SEO presence, especially on Google+. No doubt Google with almost 70 percent of search engine market is one of the leading search engines. If your business starts to appear up in search results, it will positively impact your business ROI because online users prefer to visit websites from the first page results.

Promote Offers to Entice Users

Being a social media user, you would have encountered numerous posts every day but given attention to only a few of them. Reason? We never pay attention to the things until we find them interesting or see something for us. Well, it’s a quite natural human tendency. Therefore, promote your offers through different social media channels but in a witty way. Doing so will help you not only grab their attention but also motivate them to trigger actions for your business.

In addition to it, whether you create a blog post, white paper, eBook, or infographics put them on social media to boost engagement because it will take you target audience closer to your brand.

Give Answers to Queries to Build Credibility

ROI is associated with lead generation and conversion. Lead generation is connected to brand loyalty which comes when you give importance to your audience. Answer their queries to clarify their doubts, join conversations, and let them ask what they want to. It will let you build trust, boost visibility and referral traffic.

While giving answers to queries, show how the things you offer can help people. Showcase testimonials so that people looking for the solution to their problem could relate to your posts.

Therefore, join communities and target influencers to grab attention and to make your brand noticeable.

Ask Consumers How They Reached To You

Use survey forms or put an option to the contact page of your website to catch the response from the customers. It will help you identify how you customers found you. Once you collect adequate response, you would have better idea and clarity about which channel is perfect for promoting offers. In addition to it, you can use the received data to check how many of them actually converted to measure your ROI. Therefore, ask customers where they first heard about your business.

Smartly Recycle Your Past Content

Smartly Recycle Your Past Content

You would concede to the fact that taking someone into confidence is not an easy deal especially when it comes to selling products. Content is the most effective medium to communicate with your prospects while promoting your brand on social media, especially if it is interactive because in today’s context interactive content is the king. Therefore, check your past content that your followers enjoyed the most. Refurbish your old content and repost them to build high engagement. Use this technique whenever you sense you are running short of ideas.

Leverage Mobile Apps

In today’s online competitive space, brands do not dare to ignore the power of social media when it comes to increasing ROI. No wonder why brands leverage mobile apps to perform social media marketing efficiently. Various mobile apps are available that let you manage critical operations efficiently and help you amplify social media marketing.

Tag URLs to Identify and Segregate

Tag your URLs to identify whether your social media marketing efforts is yielding any fruitful results for your business. Doing so help will help you understand whether things are working the way you had planned because if it is not working, then you need to give essential tweak to your strategy. URLs tagging let you know whether the generated ROI is because of social promotion. For this, you need to use UTM tags in the URL line. UTM tags allow you keep track of the source link is coming from which will help you differentiate what comes from social and other channels.

Case Study

IBM saw a massive boost of 400 percent in their sales when they developed a social sales program for their in-house sales team. The company identified their target audience and trained their sales professionals to nurture online relationships and drive potential prospects to websites.

Closing Point

Undeniably, social media channels have become the prime destination for every marketer for promoting brands and increasing ROI. If you too want to ride social waves, then follow the points explained above to witness the growth.

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