Lakeland Electric Power Outage Map Shows Problems

Reports from customers are coming in of the Lakeland Electric power outage that is taking places in a few locations. If you are having issues with your electric right now please do report them here.

Lakeland Electric Power Outage Map 2

Customers are letting us know there are a few issues with their electricity so we have decided to look into this a little further and can report a few areas are having difficulties.

If you visit the official Lakeland Electric outage map you will see that there are 25 known outages in the Kathleen/Swindell area, 7 known outages in Cleveland Heights a huge 161 known outages in the Airport Rd area.

Please do let us know if you are having issues along with your location in Lakeland, thank you.

Lakeland Electric Power Outage Map 1

  • Dennis

    Yeah I have not electricity right now, but they did say they are sorting it for us.