HSBC Bank Website is down on Aug 1

hsbc down

Today on August 1 customers are having problems accessing their online bank accounts due to the official HSBC website being down. When you go to nothing happens, which means the website is down, and we have tried to get an explanation to no avail. Even when you search on the … [Read more...] Down, Trojan Virus Affecting Smart Cards Website Down, Login Problems

Many customers are not too happy at the moment because Barclays.Net is currently unavailable, when you try to open the website all you will see is an error message saying the service is basically down. Also a warning message has been put out on the website about a Trojan Virus affecting Smart … [Read more...]

Update on HSBC Cyber Attack Internet Banking Hack

Update on HSBC Cyber Attack Internet Banking Hack pic 1

HSBC was at the front of a cyber attack where its Internet banking was hacked, leaving customers highly frustrated today. You will see many tweet updates on the official @HSBC_UK_Help Twitter page with the last saying, “We continue to defend our services against todays attack. For urgent … [Read more...]

HSBC online Internet banking still down on day 2

HSBC online Internet banking still down on day 2 pic 1

HSBC online Internet banking is still down on day 2 even though things were fixed for a short period of time. Yesterday January 4th, 2016 thousands of customers were not able to login to their online banking accounts due to some sort of disruption that has not yet been explained. If you visit … [Read more...]

Bank money transfer via tweet

Bank money transfer via tweet

One of the largest banks in France, BPCE have finally announced to the public they are joining forces with Twitter so that money can be transferred via a tweet. To allow BPCE customers the ability to transfer money via a tweet, is a step in the right direction for online payments. Bank … [Read more...]

Nationwide Internet banking problems solved via Twitter

Nationwide Internet banking problems solved via Twitter

Nationwide Building Society is ready to man its Twitter account twenty-four hours on a daily basis, seven days every week, with the aim of providing client service info and support. The constant coverage of @AskNationwide is an element of the building society’s strategy to use digital technology … [Read more...]

Emirates NBD banking firm now online with LinkedIn

Emirates NBD online banking firm launches LinkedIn

Emirates NBD has officially launched its social media presence with its new LinkedIn page, and this is good news because it shows they want to be a part of the social network and it looks like they are doing it well with over 18,000 followers so far. It is a new way for Emirates NBD to … [Read more...]

PayPal iPhone check-depositing app a huge hit


There are increasing developments in banking technology all the time, with recent news for example of a futuristic credit card. Now it appears that PayPal has a huge hit on its hands with its recent check-depositing facility within an iPhone application. Having to get to the bank to pay in checks … [Read more...]

Card 2.0: The new face of credit cards

Here at Online Social Media we’re always interested to hear of any advances in technology although there’s not often news in the way of futuristic credit cards. However today meet Credit Card 2.0 which looks to be the way forward in credit cards. It’s a new innovation from startup firm Dynamics … [Read more...]

Social Media Promotions: FSA Warnings to Banks


The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has recently carried out a survey looking into how financial services companies correspond with their customers. It has however found that some companies are not complying with industry rules applying to the use of social media channels. … [Read more...]