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Emma Stone Is Jim Carrey’s Passion: YouTube Video

[ 0 ] August 25, 2021

Here at OSM we enjoy bringing you some of our favorite YouTube videos and recent examples have been the latest Epic Meal Time, soldiers performing to Glee in Afghanistan and also an Epic Rap Battle. Today a rather odd YouTube video featuring actress Emma Stone as the subject of Jim Carrey’s passion has come to…

Piers Morgan Tweets On Christine O’Donnell Walk-Out: Your Views?

[ 2 ] August 18, 2021

It seems trouble is afoot in the world of entertainment as an incident on last night’s Piers Morgan Tonight show has got a lot of people talking. The Tea Party’s Christine O’Donnell walked out of the CNN show after Morgan continued to ask questions about gay marriage, leaving Morgan looking unflustered. However, after the show…

Rebecca Black Single Release on YouTube: My Moment July 18

[ 0 ] July 11, 2021

Earlier today we talked about the new YouTube video from Keenan Cahill and members of the Glee cast and how this young man had become an Internet phenomenon. It’s fair to say that without YouTube some common household names would never have been heard of and along with Keenan, Rebecca Black is another that would…

Keenan Cahill & Glee YouTube Video Smash: Internet Phenomenon

[ 0 ] July 11, 2021

Way back in November last year we reported on teenager, Keenan Cahill, who had become popular on YouTube with a series of videos of him lip-synching to hit songs by the likes of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. At that time 50 Cent had just actually appeared in the latest Keenan Cahill video and Keenan…

Twitter Amends Direct Messaging: Receive Without Following

[ 0 ] July 5, 2021

Here at OSM you’d expect us to be bringing you all the latest developments of Twitter and today is no exception. It seems that Twitter is amending its direct messaging system and the changes mean that some users will now be able to receive Direct Messages from people they are not actually following themselves.

Peter Falk & Columbo Become Twitter Trending Topics After Death

[ 0 ] June 25, 2021

Sad news reached us yesterday that Peter Falk, celebrated actor and most-fondly remembered for his role as Columbo, had died. He was an actor with a unique style of his own and so we should not be surprised at the outpouring of emotions and respect for him. Since the news came out the terms ‘Peter…

Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Dies: Twitter Flows With RIP Messages

[ 1 ] June 20, 2021

Twitter has become a place where we and many others find things out pretty quickly, whenever someone is unfortunate to pass away we quite often see the world of social media erupt with messages of RIP and tweets of people’s best memories of that person

Lady Gaga vs Britney Spears: Social Media Supremacy

[ 13 ] May 19, 2022

As we know the competition between music celebrities is continually heating up whether it’s, who will get to that all important number one place within the single or album charts, the highest amount of downloads, Facebook or Twitter followers and the list goes on. News today talks about two of the biggest names at the…

Celebrity Twitter Introductions: A Selection Of The Best

[ 0 ] May 11, 2022

Since its early days, online social networking site Twitter is now seeing an impressive 200 million active users, as well as some 65 million tweets a day and 800,000 queries. For more information on this head on over to wikipedia. News varies on OSM in relation to Twitter, from footballers taking to the site to…

Mariah Carey & Birth of Twins: Announcement of Joy on Twitter

[ 1 ] May 1, 2022

There has been some wonderful news on Twitter lately, first with buzz about the Royal Wedding, and which topics trended, plus news on what celebrities tweeted about the special occasion. Tonight we can report on another heartwarming story, this time the news of Mariah Carey and the birth of her twins, with an announcement of…

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