Gumby’s 50th & Creator’s 90th Admired With Google Doodle

One of our favorite pieces of news that we often write about, is that of search engine Google and its impressive Google Doodles. Celebrating an individual's birthday, a yearly event such as Halloween, an anniversary, the death of a great name such as Apple's Steve Jobs who passed away last week are … [Read more...]

Google’s 13th Birthday Doodle: Becoming An Adolescent

Readers to our site will know that one of our loves is that of the Google Doodle, which presents itself on the search engine's homepage from time to time. Celebrating what is normally an event on the yearly calendar, an individual's birthday or recognition of work that somebody has created, are … [Read more...]

The Muppets Puppeteer “Jim Henson” 75th Google Doodle

One of our favorite pieces of news to report on, is that of the latest Google Doodle. To celebrate an individuals birthday or anniversary of an event, Google's homepage image can change from time to time. Past Doodles have been seen such as the celebration of music sensation Freddie Mercury who … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan: Twitter And The Beatles Celebrate

One of the most iconic musicians, “Bob Dylan” is today celebrating his 70th birthday. The American singer-songwriter has become a well known figure within the music world for the last 50 years. Many will remember his music from the sixties, and its today that we celebrate his special day. … [Read more...]

Apple Brick And Mortar Shops Celebrate A Decade

If like me you are an Apple fanatic then the chances are that you have spent more than enough time meandering through your local Apple Store. Today the Cali company is celebrating its ten year anniversary, that’s right back on May 19th 2001 the doors swung open on Apple's first two retail outlets. … [Read more...]

Google Observes Inventor Robert Bunsen’s 200th Birthday With Doodle

Here at OSM, one of the many enjoyable pieces of news that we report on, has got to be the Google Doodles. Celebrating an anniversary of some kind, a birthday or an event on the yearly calendar are all ways that Google can interact with its viewers. Just recently we brought you a Doodle … [Read more...]

Escapologist Houdini’s 137th Birthday With Google Doodle

Many a time here at OSM, we have brought you news of various Google Doodle's that can be seen when clicking onto the world wide web. Search engine Google from time to time change their front page with a picture that signifies a special event, anniversary or even a birthday of someone. Just … [Read more...]

Twitter’s 5th Birthday: New Site & Celebratory Video

As you may know, today is Twitter's 5th birthday and to celebrate they have launched a new look website and YouTube video to mark the occassion. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Playset: Made From Birthday Cake

We all know that Angry Birds is getting really big, but it appears to be fluttering over to reality even more. We have seen plenty of mad things from the Birds and now to add to the list is a huge playset made of Birthday cake, inspired by the game. … [Read more...]

Google Doodle Celebrates “Romanian Sculptor” Constantin Brancusi


When you click onto Google's search engine today, you will be met with yet another Doodle. This time its celebrating the famous Romanian Sculptor “Constantin Brancusi,” and what would have been his 135th birthday. On looking at the Doodle you can see its made up of some of Brancusi's work with … [Read more...]

Google Interactive Doodle Celebrates Jules Verne “Father of Sci-Fi”


Here at OSM, one of the items that we enjoy bringing you news on, is that of the Google Doodle. To celebrate a specific event on the yearly calendar, or perhaps an individual's birthday, gives search engine Google the opportunity to design yet another Doodle. In recent times, we have given you … [Read more...]

Facebook Celebrates 7 Years: What Will The Future Hold?

Whether you are a Facebook user or not, the fact of the matter is, that social networking site Facebook has and is attracting a huge following, and today we can report that it is in fact celebrating its 7th birthday. Over 600 million of you have accessed the site when figures were looked at in … [Read more...]

Apple iPad’s First Birthday Today: Telling a story


Almost unbelievably today is the Apple iPad’s first birthday. The year seems to have flown past and now all attention is focused on the upcoming iPad, the iPad 2. We’ve written about the iPad on more occasions than we can remember but it has certainly merited such attention as a forerunner and … [Read more...]

Dizzy Gillespie Google Doodle and Facebook Profile

Dizzy Gillespie Google Doodle and Facebook Profile

Having a Facebook profile is considered the in thing at the moment, and you do not need to be alive to have one. John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie has one of his own, and will no-doubt be visited many times today by those who wish to remember him, it would have been his 93rd birthday. Google has also … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday from Google with Doodle!


Don't you just love it when loads of people send you nice birthday wishes? Well how about being greeted personally on your birthday by search engine giant Google! … [Read more...]

Google Celebrates 12 Years


We are all used to seeing Google’s homepage logo change throughout the year, dependant on what event is being staged at that time. It could be a logo at Halloween, Christmas, Father’s Day and recently Matt at OSM reported on an “Agatha Christie 120th Anniversary logo. But today, we will see … [Read more...]

Lady GaGa in Birthday Suit on Twitter

Lady GaGa in Birthday Suit on Twitter

Lady GaGa celebrated her birthday yesterday, and as ever she did it in a very strange way – by going on to Twitter in her birthday suit. Fans said how nice it was too seeing the singer showing of her B cup. … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber on Twitter: Now 16

Justin Bieber on Twitter- Now 16

Pop singer Justin Bieber turned 16 on Monday and his fans helped him celebrate by sending him a huge amount of birthday wishes. Most people of his age dreams of so many things, but Bieber knows that he is already living his dream, you only have to read his Twitter profile to know this. … [Read more...]