MuttMate is a must for the modern social netwoofer!

MuttMate is a must for the modern social netwoofer! pic 2

MuttMate’s founder, Sarah Edwards, really was barking up the right tree when she created a unique social netwoofing site for dogs and their owners. Already 20% of UK pets have social media profiles on sites such as Facebook and 90% of owners admit to sharing pet photos online. The pet market has … [Read more...]

World’s first dog selfie Twitter mirror launches

World's first dog selfie Twitter mirror launches pic 1

The world's first dog selfie Twitter mirror was launched today by dog food brand Canidae at the Crufts dog show in Birmingham, England. The twitter stream is showing off all the pictures that the dogs took themselves are amazing. The ‘selfie’ as we all know is one of the most buzzing words … [Read more...]

Petco removes Chinese treats from store, website

Petco recall Chinese treats from store, website

Pet supplies company Petco has removed Chinese-made dog and cat treats from its online website and stores, all have been removed after around 1,000 dogs in the United States have been sickened since 2007. No initial test has been connected to the Chinese treats (Rawhide and Chinese jerky treats), … [Read more...]

ISPCA Love Your Pets social media campaign

ISPCA Love Your Pets social media campaign

ISPCA is a non-profit organisation and between October 4th until the 10th they are launching its new ‘Love Your Pets’ social media campaign, which can be followed on Facebook. The ‘Love Your Pets’ social media campaign is all about raising social awareness on Twitter using the hashtags … [Read more...]

Delhi Zoo video of Tiger attack incident

Delhi Zoo video of Tiger attack incident

Since the Delhi Zoo attack where a student died after being mauled by a tiger, video views and reactions on Twitter have risen. A white Bengal tiger in Delhi Zoo sadly killed a young man of 20, they man fell into the enclosure where the tiger stared at him for about 15 minutes before attacking … [Read more...]

World Rhino Day 2014 on Facebook

World Rhino Day 2014 on Facebook

Today is World Rhino Day 2014, which celebrates the five species of Rhino left in the world, these include the white, black, Javan, Sumatran and greater one-horned rhinos. Getting the word out is very important indeed and we here at OSM would like to spread the word also, and you can celebrate by … [Read more...]

Social awareness of Hero cat saves boy from dog

Social awareness of Hero cat saves boy from dog video

A CCTV camera filmed a little boy being attacked by a dog whilst riding his bike, the YouTube video titled ‘My Cat Saved My Son’ went viral and should be part of a social awareness campaign against dangerous dogs. The hero cat in the video can be clearly seen using its jumping skills on the dog … [Read more...]

Dian Fossey social following after death

Dian Fossey social following after death

Dr Dian Fossey was the well-known American zoologist who became famous after studying gorillas, she would have been 82 last Thursday and a Google Doodle went love on the search engine to celebrate her birthday. She used to work very hard in West Africa, which was also famous for her 1983 book … [Read more...]

RSPCA Raises Understanding Via 24-Hour Twitter Campaign


Since its initial launch in 2006, social networking site Twitter has attracted over 250 million people and the number is still growing. Its got a little way to go before it catches up with rival Facebook, but its still impressing the likes of you and me plus a list of celebrities. In the past … [Read more...]

PetBook Launch “Furry Friends” Social Network


When we think of social networking, the sites that automatically spring to mind are no doubt Facebook or Twitter, but a new British site has been set up just for our beloved animals. Yep, that’s right, the name “Petbook” has been set up by organisation Gamaroff Digital. … [Read more...]

YouTube Pooch “El Wily” Dazzles With Flamenco

Here at OSM we try to give you a mixed bag of news, be it the latest smartphone or tablet device, celebrities that may have taken to their social networking site to announce news or have a good old rant and so on. But one topic that always gets a thumbs up is that of the latest viral video on … [Read more...]

Ultimate Dog Tease: Hilarious YouTube Viral Video


Here at OSM we love to bring you the best YouTube clips that we can find or ones that go viral racking up a load of views in a short period of time. Some of the ones we have reported on recently include Beyonce’s school dance appearance, the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword gameplay trailer and of … [Read more...]

Foursquare Check In Will Feed Your Dog: Really - With Video!


Here at OSM we seem to have published a few stories lately about social networking and dogs. In case you think you’ve misread that, you haven’t. Now we have heard of yet another connection between dogs and social networking and this time, believe it or not, it’s about how a Foursquare check in can … [Read more...]

Petbam Social Network: For Pets and Their Owners


Earlier this month we brought you news about the growing trend for social networkers to give their dogs their own Twitter and Facebook accounts, which at the time seemed pretty unbelievable. However, it does seem to be very popular and so we weren’t surprised to hear of a growing social network … [Read more...]