Chelsea FC Voted The Most Social Media Friendly Team


Networkers and football lovers out there may be interested to know that Chelsea are the Premier League's most social media friendly team. The Blues have huge followings on both Facebook and Twitter, greater than any of their league rivals. The London based club topped the table in interaction with … [Read more...]

Apple To Hold Employee Event Remembering Steve Jobs


Its been almost a week since the tragic passing of Steve Jobs and Apple has announced that they will hold a private staff event in his memory. It was only a week ago that the tech giant unveiled their iPhone 4S, so as you can imagine it has been a week full of publicity for them. New Apple CEO Tim … [Read more...]

BEWARE: Hackers Exploit Apple’s Event With iPhone 5 Scam


Apple's big day could be overshadowed by a nasty scam going around involving the iPhone 5. Hackers are sending out fake emails which take advantage of the fact we do not know what the new smartphone looks like yet. In the phony email there is a very bizarre concept image which is called the … [Read more...]

5 Things We Can Expect From Today’s Apple iPhone Event


Today is the big day millions have been waiting for, Apple's iPhone event! When a certain smartphone was absent at the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, mobile fans worldwide were left let down. Instead of the mouth watering iPhone 5 many wanted we were given an insight into iCloud, … [Read more...]

Apple Database Confirms iPhone 4S & iPod Touch 5


We are just 5 days away from Apple's huge event and tension is building up. With invites that simply read: "Lets talk iPhone", millions of people around the world are about to get a first look at their new smartphone. The iPhone 5 is obviously going to be the main attraction of the event but we … [Read more...]

Birth Of iPhone 5 Could See Death Of iPod Classic & Shuffle


In with the new, out with the old... is this the policy that Apple are going to enforce again very soon? Next week the world will see the iPhone 5 for the first time, it's introduction will make waves in the mobile world. Hysteria will be created on October 4th but could it be a few old favorites … [Read more...]

Gearing Up For iPhone 5: Three’s New Unlimited Data Deal


Its official... Apple has sent out their invites for the huge iPhone 5 event next week, now the whole mobile industry must prepare. T3 reports that the massive smartphone will be unveiled to the world at the show on the 4th October. Expect the iPhone 5 to become available for pre-order immediately … [Read more...]

Major Part Of Xbox 720 & Sony PS4 Could Be 3D


It seems that many have now calmed down over the prospect of having an Xbox 720 or PS4 launched in 2012. Various rumors indicated that either Microsoft or Sony would boldly release their next gen console to compete with Nintendo's Wii U. The most likely release period now looks to be 2013 onwards … [Read more...]

If Apple Launch iPhone 4S, Android War Will Heat Up


The Apple event is drawing nearer and we will finally discover what exactly they have up their sleeve. The iPhone 5 appears to be a dead certainty but after Al Gore's slip of the tongue we could be getting more than 1 device unveiled at the mobile show. If like many predicted and Apple launch a … [Read more...]

Social Street Gaming: Angry Birds May Come To Starbucks


An unlikely partnership could soon be formed, smash hit game Angry Birds and coffee giant Starbucks. Rovio who develop the game are reportedly in talks with Starbucks over a deal which could see Angry Birds as a playable game on large displays installed in participating outlets. What better way to … [Read more...]

Will Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Crash AT&T’s Galaxy S II Launch?


All of the headlines have been about Apple's event on October 4th, but another big one is occurring 2 days before. October 2nd will see the Samsung Galaxy S II finally launched in America with AT&T carrying it, Beta News reports. Sprint launched their version of it, the Samsung Epic 4G, last … [Read more...]

Al Gore Hints At iPhone 5 & 4S Launch: iPod Touch 5?


We well and truly know the date that Apple will hold their media event and unveil their iPhone 5. October 4th should be a date circled in everyone's diaries, but will we get more than we bargained for? Ex Vice President and activist Al Gore has inadvertently confirmed that more than one iPhone … [Read more...]

New CoD Black Ops Zombies Trailer Launched To Promote DLC 4


The final chapter of Black Ops Zombies is very close for PS3 and PC players and Activision has decided to remind everyone by launching a new trailer. Xbox 360 users have had exclusivity on DLC 4 for almost a month now, releasing a "Zombie Labs" trailer with the map pack. The last batch of maps … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Specs Leaked Early: Coming 2012


All of the big smartphone talk of late has been about the iPhone 5... no more! Thanks to what appears to be a notorious leak, we now have fresh speculation to thrive on. The leaked information in question is that of the Samsung Galaxy S III and once again it is reportedly a company employee who … [Read more...]

Samsung Set To Sour iPhone 5 Launch With Apple Lawsuit


It looks like Samsung is intending on crashing Apple's party, serving them with yet another lawsuit as soon as the iPhone 5 launches. The 2 tech giants have been trading blows for some time now, suing each other for patent infringement. Apple seems to be winning as they had the Galaxy tab and S II … [Read more...]

Sony Bring In New PSN Rules: Lawsuit Shield After Outage


After their horror story earlier this year, Sony has made changes to its PSN terms in an effort to avoid more nightmares. The Japanese tech giant as you know, was the victim of a serious hack attack which saw their online PlayStation Network Service outed for almost a month. Millions of personal … [Read more...]

Apple Official: iPhone 5 Unveil Event In 2 Weeks


The summer's endless saga regarding the unveil and launch of the iPhone 5 is 14 days away from being over. Multiple sources are reporting that Apple will be holding an event in 2 weeks time, courtesy of one of their talkative employees. If these strong reports are true then it will see Apple's 5th … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 “Weeks Away”- Larger Screen, 8MP Camera, NFC & More


The iPhone 5 is "just weeks away" according to sources inside Apple, are you still waiting patiently? It was been widely concluded that an October launch is on the cards, a boss from UK network Orange leaking the release date on the 15th. The phones features still remain a mystery with many … [Read more...]

October 15th Revealed As iPhone 5 Release Date: Orange Official


The European network providers are really treating us with their inability to keep information a secret at the moment. No sooner had Vodafone leaked iPhone 5 details on their website, talkative France Telecom (Orange parent company) boss, Stéphane Richard, has revealed that the handset will release … [Read more...]

Study Shows Apple’s iPhone 5 Demand: Strongest Yet


The iPhone 5 has been one of the largest topics of discussion this year and will continue to be until it is launched. Once this happens, exactly how many people will buy one, how big is the demand for Apple's latest smartphone? Studies have taken place and the results show that demand for the … [Read more...]

Winklevoss Twins Wave Goodbye To Dignity In Nut Commercial


If you have seen the Social Network movie or have a knowledgeable interest in Facebook then you will know who the Winklevoss twins are. The brothers who claimed that Facebook was their idea and had it stolen from them by Mark Zuckerberg. In the last few years the twins have really mocked … [Read more...]

Nintendo Will Bring 3D Video Capture To 3DS: Still Struggling


Nintendo's 3DS is still having a real hard time, even after they slashed its price. The Japanese tech giants are now looking to boost the product and its sales even more by introducing 3D video recording to it. The handheld device has struggled to make a real impact on the gaming market since its … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Must Shine: HTC Boss Slams Apple’s Uncool Mobiles


HTC has decided to thrown some mud in Apple's direction, mocking their hugely popular line of smartphones. The boss of HTC America, Martin Fichter, has branded the iPhone as a device that is "not cool any more", despite the 3GS and 4 being the best selling handsets in the US. With the iPhone 5 out … [Read more...]

UK Gets Complete Star Wars Saga In Blu-ray: Mini Review


A very special film collection from a galaxy far far away has released in the UK today, all 6 Star Wars movies in stunning Blu-ray. George Lucas made the announcement on May 4th ( May the fourth be with you) which got very mixed reactions from fans. What may delight or enrage them even more now is … [Read more...]

Black & White iPhone 5’s Confirmed: Vodafone Leak 16 & 32GB Versions


As the clock ticks forwards and the iPhone 5 release draws closer, we have some more great news for you regarding the smartphone. UK mobile operator Vodafone has accidentally confirmed that the handset will launch in either black or white from the off. The details of 4 different iPhone 5 models … [Read more...]