Pumpkin patches near me by best websites

Pumpkin patches near me by best websites pic 2

Thousands of people visit pumpkin patches in the United States and if you thought for one minute it is just about picking pumpkins think again. It is more of a festive bit of fun for the whole family. People are always searching for ‘Pumpkin patches near me’ and the best way to find them is via … [Read more...]

Digital Twitter events with #SmallGoesBig

Digital Twitter events with SmallGoesBig

Help your business go BIG this holiday season, join the conversation on Twitter and share how your business is planning to go big this holiday season with #SmallGoesBig. Now that the holidays are approaching, join @TwitterSmallBiz and its partners for a series of digital events to help you … [Read more...]

Govindudu Andarivadele trailer, audio launch event

Govindudu Andarivadele trailer, audio launch event

Telugu family drama film Govindudu Andarivadele is scheduled for release on October 1st, and while waiting fans can now watch two new YouTube clips. One includes the Govindudu Andarivadele theatrical trailers and the other being the audio launch live streaming. This new movie called ‘Govindudu … [Read more...]

New Facebook Events layout update

new facebook events

Facebook Events has had a new update, they have designed a new home for your Events, and this means you will never miss one, the ability to host and share fun events as well as discovering and saving new activities. The update seems to have happened about two weeks ago according to this official … [Read more...]

YouTube focused on last minute Halloween costumes

YouTube focused on last minute Halloween costumes

It might not be Halloween just yet, but the weekend is here, and is the best time to go out to parties or other such events. Most of you will already know what you will be dressing up as, but for those who still have no idea, then you will be pleased that YouTube is there to help, as they are now … [Read more...]

5 YouTube recipe videos for Pumpkin seeds

5 YouTube recipe videos for Pumpkin seeds

In the build up to Halloween 2011 parents will be frantically running around trying to organize parties, costumes for their children and also carving out a Jack-o'-lantern. However, never one to waste anything, mothers like to put the meat from the pumpkin to good use, as well as those seeds, which … [Read more...]

Increasing social awareness for Spirit Day, purple your profile

Increasing social awareness for Spirit Day, Go Purple

Tomorrow is a day when Americans are asked to throw their support behind Spirit Day 2011, which is put in place to fight back against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths who are victims of bullying. One of the best ways to support this is by increasing social awareness, which is just what … [Read more...]

BlackBerry DevCon 2011: Live Keynote stream via blogs

BlackBerry DevCon 2011- Live Keynote stream via blogs

We only have a few hours to go until the start of DevCon 2011, but you have to feel a little sorry for RIM, as the event is not going to have the same impact as Apple’s a couple of weeks ago, or even the two that will take place later today, the Samsung/Google one and also Motorola. However, this … [Read more...]

Apple Official: iPhone 5 Unveil Event In 2 Weeks


The summer's endless saga regarding the unveil and launch of the iPhone 5 is 14 days away from being over. Multiple sources are reporting that Apple will be holding an event in 2 weeks time, courtesy of one of their talkative employees. If these strong reports are true then it will see Apple's 5th … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs’ Resignation Could Help iPhone 5 Launch: Event Imminent?


With the world still recovering from the news that Steve Jobs is no longer the boss of Apple, it has made us think of the positives that could come from this. Before we found out that Mr Apple had resigned, the next biggest news from the company was regarding the iPhone 5. The mysterious handset … [Read more...]

Ticketmaster: Shows Facebook Friend’s Seats At Events


Facebook is getting even more involved in many of the things we do, now showing which of your friends are attending certain events and even where they are sitting. Event ticketing firm Ticketmaster has now integrated the social networking site into its own, helping you plan and attend gigs even … [Read more...]

Events Added To Foursquare’s Check In Database


Social location based service Foursquare has added the new option of events check ins. Previously users could check in to various locations around the world, ranging from the White House to your local supermarket. One of the most notable Foursquare users is none other than US President Barack … [Read more...]

Social Media Events Around The Globe: Listing For 2011


The use of social media is on the up and with many new and existing websites to choose from, its a job to know where to start. When we say websites we can narrow it down to popular names such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course the newest addition Google+ and its these very sites that … [Read more...]

Google IO Giveaways 2011: Galaxy Tab 10.1 & Chromebook


There are many events held around the world for different manufacturers and companies that are pretty popular with developers and consumers such as Apple’s WWDC and the gaming world’s E3 conference. There’s one other in particular where they are particularly generous to the people that attend … [Read more...]

Social Media Events For May 2011: Dates and Price


For all you die hard social media fans that want to go ahead and attend events and learn more in your field we have found a list of events with dates, locations and prices that we are hoping will be useful for you. With the way the world has been moving towards social media it’s no surprise that we … [Read more...]

WrestleMania 27 YouTube Video: Shawn Michaels HoF


YouTube videos are constantly being uploaded and a small percentage of them go viral. Some of the ones that we have seen recently include the latest in the series of the Epic Rap Battles of History, a song about Facebook stalkers and of course Zidane the greatest footballer ever annihilating a young … [Read more...]

Facebook Event Invite Goes Viral: Birthday Party Crashed!


Facebook as we all know is a great way to share things like our emotions, photos and Birthday wishes with our friends. Sharing on Facebook is one of the key features behind the social networking service, but this next story takes sharing to a whole new level! … [Read more...]

Apple Event March 2nd: iPad 2 Announcement?


Here at OSM we bring you all of the latest and breaking news regarding Apple's products and we are pleased to say that we have some potentially interesting iPad 2 news to share with you. … [Read more...]

MWC 2011 Guide App: Floor Plans, Listings and More


Its slowly approaching our favorite time of year and one of our favorite events is only around the corner, MWC 2011 is set to kick off in Barcelona between the 14th and the 17th of February. For those of you like us who cannot wait for this there is an app available for you to download to your … [Read more...]

Android Honeycomb Event Being Staged February 2nd


Here is a date for your diary...The 2nd of February will see Google hold an event at their Mountain View headquarters, where they will show off their new tablet optimised OS, Honeycomb. … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Day One Schedule and Events


Although we’ve been giving you news from CES 2011 for some days now, the big event in Las Vegas officially gets underway today. We’ve already given you some details of times for the keynotes and also maps and floor plans but we thought you might appreciate some idea of what events are available on … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Farms Via Twitter

Christmas Tree Farms Via Twitter

The holiday shopping season is now here and it surprising how many people on Twitter have been looking for information on Christmas Tree Farms. It seems that more people now wish to purchase their tree from these sources, rather than save a few dollars to get one that has been hacked down with no … [Read more...]

Best Buy Cyber Monday Now Live - 2010 Deals

Best Buy Cyber Monday Now Live - 2010 Deals

Who would have thought that Sunday would be the day that Best Buy Cyber Monday deals for 2010 would go live? Well it has, so we thought we would have a look at what deals you should look out for. Just remember that these deals only last or two days, and there is free shipping on hundreds of … [Read more...]

Future Social Media & Tech Events: 2010 / 2011


From time to time, here at OSM, we update you with future events to put on your calendar. With just a few more weeks left of 2010, there is plenty to look forward to before the end of this year and 2011. Events such as conferences, training and award ceremonies etc. … [Read more...]

Back to the Mac: What Will Apple Announce / Release Today?

Back to the Mac- What Will Apple Announce

The Back to the Mac event is to be held later today and the clue as to what Apple’s Steve Jobs will announce or release today is in the name of the event. There were hopes of a Verizon or White iPhone announcement – but last time I looked they were running iOS 4 not Mac. … [Read more...]