Apple Keynote live stream on YouTube is fake

Apple Keynote live stream on YouTube is fake pic 2

If you are looking for an Apple keynote live stream on YouTube, then you might be out of luck considering the majority of video channels found when you run a search are basically fake. These accounts have been setup in September, 2015 and reveal right away something fishy. One example can be … [Read more...]

Watch Apple event at 10 a.m. PDT live

Watch Apple event at 10 a.m. PDT live pic 1

Are you ready to watch Apple event at 10 a.m. PDT live? In just 2 hours time the special event will kick off, today is not going to be any old ordinary Wednesday but a very special one offering lots of news and announcements from Tim Cook and friends. We all know for sure Tim Cook will be … [Read more...]

Apple Store system status lists maintenance

Apple Store system status lists maintenance pic 3

Today on Monday, March 9, 2015 it is common knowledge Apple is to be holding its keynote, which will be streaming live as well. This will of course bring a few services down, and the Apple Store system status lists maintenance. If you visit the ‘Apple Services, Stores, and iCloud’ page you will … [Read more...]

Time of today’s Apple event by GMT, EST, and PST

Time of today's Apple event by GMT, EST, and PST pic 1

The Apple Event kicks off today on March 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM PST in San Francisco, which is 5:00 PM GMT and 1:00 PM EST. The reason it is 5pm and 1PM is because the clocks went forward in the United States. It will be the Apple Watch that will get most of the attention today, unless Apple has … [Read more...]

Apple Watch price and social media ban

Apple Watch takes Store down April 10 pic 3

Social media is obviously one major factor of leaks when it comes to new products, especially Apple’s products. Taking this into account it was decided Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc were all cut off from the Internet at Apple’s top-secret lab where they work on things such as its software. Lips … [Read more...]

Apple Event live video stream March 9, 2015

Apple Event live video stream March 9, 2015 pic 3

Today is the day Tim Cook will take to the stage with his team to unveil the new Apple Watch amongst other things. But the main attraction will be the watch. The good news is there will be the live stream video starting from 10AM (5PM UK). March 9. 2015 is the day of the big Apple keynote when … [Read more...]

Apple Watch prompts social media Q&A

Apple Watch social media Q&A

The Apple live event last night went rather well with announcements of three new devices, but let’s stick with the newly announced and official Apple Watch. Since the Apple Watch (NOT iWatch) was announced the social media world went crazy asking many questions, one major mystery is the battery … [Read more...]

Social madness of Apple event live video stream

Social madness of Apple event live video stream

Next week on Tuesday September 9 the Apple event will kick off, the countdown timer has already begun over on, which is at ‘4 Days, 19 Hours and 43 Minutes at the time of writing this. There is no need to discuss what will be announced as this is common knowledge, but in San Francisco, … [Read more...]

Apple To Hold Employee Event Remembering Steve Jobs


Its been almost a week since the tragic passing of Steve Jobs and Apple has announced that they will hold a private staff event in his memory. It was only a week ago that the tech giant unveiled their iPhone 4S, so as you can imagine it has been a week full of publicity for them. New Apple CEO Tim … [Read more...]

BEWARE: Hackers Exploit Apple’s Event With iPhone 5 Scam


Apple's big day could be overshadowed by a nasty scam going around involving the iPhone 5. Hackers are sending out fake emails which take advantage of the fact we do not know what the new smartphone looks like yet. In the phony email there is a very bizarre concept image which is called the … [Read more...]

5 Things We Can Expect From Today’s Apple iPhone Event


Today is the big day millions have been waiting for, Apple's iPhone event! When a certain smartphone was absent at the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, mobile fans worldwide were left let down. Instead of the mouth watering iPhone 5 many wanted we were given an insight into iCloud, … [Read more...]

Apple Database Confirms iPhone 4S & iPod Touch 5


We are just 5 days away from Apple's huge event and tension is building up. With invites that simply read: "Lets talk iPhone", millions of people around the world are about to get a first look at their new smartphone. The iPhone 5 is obviously going to be the main attraction of the event but we … [Read more...]

Will Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Crash AT&T’s Galaxy S II Launch?


All of the headlines have been about Apple's event on October 4th, but another big one is occurring 2 days before. October 2nd will see the Samsung Galaxy S II finally launched in America with AT&T carrying it, Beta News reports. Sprint launched their version of it, the Samsung Epic 4G, last … [Read more...]

Al Gore Hints At iPhone 5 & 4S Launch: iPod Touch 5?


We well and truly know the date that Apple will hold their media event and unveil their iPhone 5. October 4th should be a date circled in everyone's diaries, but will we get more than we bargained for? Ex Vice President and activist Al Gore has inadvertently confirmed that more than one iPhone … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs iPad 2 Announcement & Video: Apple Shares Rise


Here at OSM we’re still buzzing about the launch yesterday of the Apple iPad 2. We’ve already brought you many articles on this including a comparison with other tablets, release date details, a hands-on look, and news of a white iPad 2 version. Now though, we want to focus on one of the major … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Event Today: Live Blog Roundup and Times


Today is a big day on the tech calendar as there is an official Apple event that’s widely speculated will bring the unveiling of the next-generation iPad, or iPad 2 as it’s been dubbed. Many of us are trying to be patient as we wait for the big reveal and it’s even been speculated that the release … [Read more...]

Apple and BBC Teaming up for iPad 2 Event Next Week


If you’re an iPad fan you will already have heard of the Apple event for next week on March 2 which will be when the iPad 2 is finally unveiled. We’ve been keeping readers informed on all the news and speculation about the next-generation iPad and earlier today published an article with the latest … [Read more...]

Apple Event: iTunes samples may extend but no cloud music service


Everybody is anticipating what might happen at the Apple Event due to take place tomorrow, September 1, and the most prominent speculation is that the event will mostly be about the iPod Touch 4G. However now it seems we may also be receiving an announcement about iTunes. … [Read more...]