Xbox Live status with purchasing, content usage

Xbox Live problems with purchasing, content Usage pic 1

There seems to be issues with Xbox Live at the moment and social media networks are being inundated with complaints that gamers Xbox Live status issues seems to be with purchasing and content usage. Has the Phantom Squad already struck? What is your Xbox One and 360 live status? There are … [Read more...]

Microsoft 12 Days of Deals 2015 begins with two laptops

Microsoft 12 Days of Deals 2015 begins with two laptops pic 1

The Microsoft 12 Days of Deals for 2015 begins with two laptops on offer. As we know Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year was huge when it came to sales but it is not over yet. Microsoft has begun its new 2015 “12 Days of Deals” sale that we all know very well, and each day for 12 days a … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows 10 kb3081424 download problems

Microsoft Windows 10 kb3081424 download problems pic 1

The new Microsoft kb3081424 download has just started to roll out, and is not the SR1 (Service Release 1) that was hinted in the first place. People have already started to report problems of it not installing correctly. This is the cumulative update for windows 10, and this one is the first … [Read more...]

Windows 10 upgrade stuck in server woes

Windows 10 upgrade stuck in server woes pic 1

Microsoft released is new operating system on July 29, but since doing so the Windows 10 upgrade is getting stuck in server woes. Many users reported all over social media channels the new install process was getting stuck, stalling at the progress bar loop then leaving a message saying, “Preparing … [Read more...]

Microsoft age guesser tool causes debates

Microsoft age guesser tool causes debates pic 1

The relatively new Microsoft age guesser tool causes debates when it comes to a persons age. Microsoft decided to have a little fun and release a 2015 build where you are told how old you are judged by your picture thanks to a little robot magic, but we are guessing it will either be loved or … [Read more...]

Windows 10 Spartan browser release supports Chrome extensions

Windows 10 Spartan browser release supports Chrome extensions pic 1

Microsoft recently announced its new Windows 10 Spartan web browser at its press event in Redmond, and the social media buzz on this one is hot. The reason for this being hot news is simply down to people asking if this will be the successor to Internet Explorer. Even though it is not 100% clear, … [Read more...]

New MSN page enhances brands

New MSN page enhances brands pic 1

The all-new MSN homepage redesign has gone a little further than just a whole new look, it actually shows the page enhances brands. To launch the new MSN homepage launch advertisers such as The Potato Council, Sony and Nissan are at the forefront of signing up first to the platform, even Tetley … [Read more...]

New MSN home page redesign

New MSN home page redesign

The new MSN home page redesign is here, the new design was being rolled out over a 72 hour period, which most will now see in full glory. Covering 50 countries around the world and with a users base of 425 million people each month, it was time for Microsoft to up the ante on its MSN homepage. … [Read more...]

Xbox One social networking with Reddit

Xbox One social networking with Reddit

Reddit has beaten the likes of Facebook to the Xbox One for social networking, thanks to the new ReddX app. This is great news because it means those that own the gaming console will be able to browse the social networking site as well as voting any content without even moving away from it. The … [Read more...]

Microsoft Yahoo merger, buyout rumors increase

Microsoft Yahoo merger, buyout rumors increase

It’s been a couple of years since there was talk of a Microsoft merger with Yahoo, and it is only recently that a possible deal has started to gain momentum, even though Steve Ballmer has been vocal in the past about how pleased he was that they never went ahead. However, we have come to expect this … [Read more...]

Windows phone from Nokia to release at World conference

Windows phone from Nokia to release at World conference

We have now learned that the Windows phone from Nokia will launch next week, which will happen during their 2011 World Conference. Let’s hope that they will also inform us as to which version of Windows Phone it will be running, as well as a release date for the new smartphone. A lot is riding on … [Read more...]

Cloud Computing: Google Apps or Office 365

Cloud Computing- Google Apps or Office 365

Cloud computing has now started to take off in a big way, and this has only been achieved with the backing from two main players, Google and Microsoft. Now that these two are on board we can expect great things, but are we now ready for a different way of saving our content, and if we are, which … [Read more...]

Major Part Of Xbox 720 & Sony PS4 Could Be 3D


It seems that many have now calmed down over the prospect of having an Xbox 720 or PS4 launched in 2012. Various rumors indicated that either Microsoft or Sony would boldly release their next gen console to compete with Nintendo's Wii U. The most likely release period now looks to be 2013 onwards … [Read more...]

EA: Sony PS4 & Xbox 720 Far Away- Gamers Happy With PS3 & 360


Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox 720 are both games consoles that are still very much in the concept stage, but are still being highly speculated about. We have seen a string of potential features and interesting rumors which suggest either could even be with us as soon as 2012. However … [Read more...]

Xbox 360 Scrapping Glossy Look- Matte Finish The Future


Microsoft has decided to make a decision on the future design for its Xbox 360 games consoles. Since its launch we have seen a variety of different themes, colors and concepts with both a matte and glossy finish both being sported by the popular console. From now on the shiny look will be scrapped … [Read more...]

Why Sony & Microsoft Should Make An Xbox 720 PS4 Hybrid Together


A large majority of the latest tech talk has been based on rumors of future games consoles. Naturally Microsoft's Xbox 720 and Sony's PS4 are the first that come to mind, with talk that they could even be with us as soon as 2012. What we want to talk to you about though is the possibility of these … [Read more...]

Xbox 360 Tops Again: Best-Selling Console on US Market


Here at OSM we like to keep gaming enthusiasts up-to-date with all the gaming console latest and recently told of an Xbox 360 Star Wars bundle and also asked what our readers most wanted from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720. As far as current consoles go we know that many of you are fans of … [Read more...]

Sony PS4 & Xbox 720: What Would You Like From Them?


Gaming today is one of the biggest businesses in the world, generating billions each year from the sales of consoles, games and accessories. I think it is fair to say that the 2 established leaders in this industry is Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. Both companies have confirmed … [Read more...]

Study Shows IE Users Are Less Smart Than Other Web Browsers


We see many a study being carried out on companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google, normally to do with sales and revenue. A new surprising study has been conducted, this time linking the web browser you use to your intelligence. The results are in, and for all of you Internet Explorer users, we … [Read more...]

Microsoft Says Sorry For Commercial Amy Winehouse Death Tweet


Twitter is normally one of the first places to hear the world's breaking news and this was the case on Saturday when we all found out about the tragic death of Amy Winehouse. Tweets flooded in from around the world, but some companies decided to take advantage of the sad news and use it as a way to … [Read more...]

Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle: R2-D2 Console To Cost £350


Gaming fans and Star Wars fans may just be in heaven looking at what is coming from a galaxy far far away. That's right an Xbox 360 kitted out to resemble everyone's favorite droid R2-D2. This special console comes in a bundle to celebrate the launch of the latest Star Wars game for Kinect, … [Read more...]

Windows Sales Slump But Microsoft Still Takes Record Revenue


Microsoft are having a really bittersweet time at the moment, they are failing in sales of some of their goods but luckily excelling in others. Sales of Windows and PCs dropped, but it was mainly their Xbox 360 and Kinect that spared their blushes. Despite the sluggish sales on their PC software, … [Read more...]

Hulu Acquisition: Google, Yahoo Or Microsoft?


With the news a few weeks back that Yahoo had made a secret bid for Hulu, the rumor mill has been kicking into overdrive about the future of the video streaming site. Google reportedly are also very keen on acquiring the on demand giant, with Microsoft monitoring things as well. So should Hulu … [Read more...]

Xbox 720 Inclusion “Avatar” Style Graphics: 3D On The Map


At times its a job to keep up with news of latest technological advances and if its not the latest smartphone or tablet device, then its an upgraded gaming console. The latest is that of the forthcoming Microsoft Xbox 720 which will fit in with rival competition from Sony's new PS Vita and … [Read more...]

Microsoft Leak Their Secret Social Network: “Tulalip”


As we all know, social networking is big big business right now. Google knew this and as a result recently brought out their new service Google Plus to try and take on Facebook. It now seems that Microsoft are secretly trying to get in on the act, after accidentally leaking a splash page online. … [Read more...]