Windows 10 upgrade stuck in server woes

Microsoft released is new operating system on July 29, but since doing so the Windows 10 upgrade is getting stuck in server woes. Many users reported all over social media channels the new install process was getting stuck, stalling at the progress bar loop then leaving a message saying, “Preparing to Install.”

It was a massive day for Microsoft with its new release of Windows 10, but they never expected to run into huge problems from the get go.

Windows 10 upgrade stuck in server woes pic 2

It did go smoothly for a lot of people installing but there were a huge number experiencing the install getting stuck on the “Preparing to Install”.

Windows 10 problems are coming in very fast indeed and if you visit you will see what we mean. So far PR has had over 200 comments form users, they even show a few tweets of complaints. If you are still having issues you could get the fix right here.

PR reports that users coming from a “clean 8.1” install with the Windows 10 upgrade stopped at around 91 percent. But of course no knows the exact percentage because this differs from user to user.

Are you having Windows 10 problems with it getting stuck?

Windows 10 upgrade stuck in server woes pic 1

  • Garry

    Yeah it stopped on me at about 84 percent, which really ticked me off. Tried it another few times but at last have it installed.

  • Jimmy

    Mine is stuck right now on the preparing for installation, and i have a new laptop running 8.1.

  • Melissa

    I am stuck at 82%, so i will try the fix mentioned above now. Thanks guys.

  • Timothy Hedrick

    Stuck perpetually on Getting Updates. On third round at starting from zero.

  • Guillotine_ready

    This is why I never install an OS from Microsoft until the first service pack is released

  • supermusic

    no more please i’ve had enough wasted time with this company.

  • Michelle Lee

    I blocked it from even trying to install on my computer!