Best Top 10 of Highest T20 Team Score

When it comes to the best top 10 highest score in T20 Sri Lanka is sitting at the top with a score of 260/6, which was achieved back on 14 September 2007 when they played Kenya. You will notice it is in the world cups where the largest team totals can be found.

There are many big team scores and below we will give you the best 10 of all time. Sri Lanka are at the top because they produced amazing power plays with an awesome start to their innings, and with amazing middle over’s they finished on top.

They call it the magic 200 and if you can surpass this number you are at the top of your T20 game. So taking the number 1 slot is Sri Lanka with 260/6, in at Number 2) and very close behind is Australia with 248/6 when they played Australia in August 2013. Number 3) South Africa 241/6 vs England November 2009, Number 4) West Indies 236/6 vs South Africa January 2015, Number 5) West Indies 231/7 11 Jan 2015, Number 6) Australia 221/5 vs England January 2007, Number 7) South Africa 219/4 vs India March 2012, Number 8) India 218/4 vs England Spetember 2007, Number 9) Sri Lanka 215/5 vs India December 2008 and Number 10) Afghanistan 215/6 vs Zimbabwe January 2016.

Today’s ICC World Twenty20 (March 18, 2016) scores so far: Eng vs SA - South Africa 193/4 (18) England still to bat. New Zealand beat Australia by 8 runs.

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