Play New Interactive Celebrity Emoji Jackpot Game

A new emoji slots game puts your general knowledge and powers of reasoning to the test with a clue based quiz game available to play free online.

Imagine if you could combine two pub classics – the quiz and the fruit machine – into one all encompassing and awesome game. Well now you can, thanks to the new Celebrity Emoji Jackpot game.

The game works in the same way as a classic online slot. Click to pull the lever and spin the drums, and three emojis will line up on the slot display, just like a normal game. However, rather than having to line up your symbols, they are actually clues to the name of a celebrity.

To help you figure out who it is - and some are tougher than others - the amount of letters in their name is represented with dashes underneath. If you’ve worked it out, simply type in the answer to see if you’re correct. If you’re still not sure, then there is a hint function that will provide you with a few letters of the name.

Get it right and a light will go on above the slot display and the lever will automatically pull to reveal clues to the next celebrity. Light up all fourteen lights above the display and you’ve completed the game and won the quiz. If you’ve got one or more wrong, you’ll be given your score out of fourteen at the end, so you can play against your friends.

All the answers are either people or performers in the public eye that we’re sure you’ve all heard of before. There aren’t any really obscure answers, the skill lies in deciphering the clues to find the right celebrity.

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Why not test your and your friends and family’s knowledge and powers of reasoning by playing online now at Please do check out the infographic version below.

View Interactive Version (via Wink Slots).

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