6 Productivity Boosting Tools for Social Media Marketers

According to HubSpot, 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that 83% of marketers now view social media as important for their business; gone are the days where it was just a personal endeavour.

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As a result, social media marketers are in high demand and with high demand comes an awful lot of pressure. The ability to be productive in this form of marketing has never been more important, and the fast moving nature of social media means the ability to run a tight ship is an absolute must.

The good news is we’ve got 6 brilliant productivity-boosting tips for social media marketers. They’ll help you see the wood for the trees and make your strategy come to life.

1. Never lose inspiration

As you travel through the Internet, it’s likely you’ll come across sources of inspiration for your social media efforts, only to lose them when distracted. With services like Pocket, you can save web content that inspires you for consumption later.

2. Find out how others are doing it

One major time suck when it comes to social media marketing is the process of devising your own call-to-action and opt-in techniques. If you find a website which appears to have done the hard work for you, find out how they’re doing it by using BuiltWith, a brilliant browser extension that sniffs out the apps websites are using.

3. Plan each and every day

If you’ve got a desk full of disparate notes and an inbox full of content requests and ideas, you’ll quickly lose sight of what’s important. Plan your email marketing strategy by using a project management app like Trello. They’re addictive, fun and will help you reach your goals.

4. Automate regular tasks

If you’re performing the same mundane tasks on specific days of the week, investing just a bit of time in IFTTT will enable you to create digital ‘recipes’ that free up your time. Automatically building specific hashtag lists or receiving notifications when someone mentions your business are all possible with IFTTT.

5. Manage all of your accounts under one roof

There’s nothing more time consuming than logging in and out of different social media websites and accounts. With a tool like Hootsuite, you can manage all of your social media channels from one app. You can also schedule tweets and updates in bulk and keep an eye on mentions across every service from one screen.

6. Avoid bookmark hunting

As a social media marketer, it is likely that you occasionally seek inspiration for content from a number of blogs and news sites. If they currently reside as a collection of bookmarks you’re forever hunting down, there’s some good news. You can add them all to Feedly, which will present all output from such sites within one easy-to-use web app.


With banks squeezing funding opportunities for businesses of all sizes, the prospect of marketing with a zero budget has become a reality for many marketers. Thankfully, social media is a brilliant way to do just that, and with the tips above, you’ll finally be able to make your plans a reality.

6 Productivity Boosting Tools for Social Media Marketers