Digital Trends & SMBs: Infographic

With every day and week that passes, it is difficult not to escape news of some new digital trend. Our email inbox receives regular updates from digital companies who wish to sell you their digital solution and it can be difficult for an SMB owner to know what to focus on and where the best places are to assign budget.

With so many writers in the digital marketing space including a huge focus on content, it is no surprise that we experience this high volume of material about the importance of digital and the many options available. At the end of the day though, as an SMB owner or executive, it is your job to decipher what, if any of these trends are suitable for your business.

Cutting through the rhetoric of sales pitches can be difficult but it’s fundamentally about choosing those activities that will help to drive your business forward. While a lot of new trends in digital require high monetary input that can be offset if the return on investment is high but it’s about deciding what will deliver that return on investment.

It is easy to get carried away with constant hearsay about certain digital activities such as social media. You’ll hear people saying that it’s imperative that your company has a social presence but if that presence on social media is delivering zero ROI, is it actually viable? These are the type of questions that you and your team need to ask yourselves.

This infographic from Cube Marketing aims to pinpoint those digital trends that are permeating the business world. It examines those that have significance for the small to medium business enterprise as not all businesses have the capabilities to implement costly digital changes. It gives some insight from industry experts as to what the typical SMB should focus on in terms of digital. Check it out below.

Digital Trends & SMBs- Infographic