Digital Trends & SMBs: Infographic

Digital Trends & SMBs- Infographic

With every day and week that passes, it is difficult not to escape news of some new digital trend. Our email inbox receives regular updates from digital companies who wish to sell you their digital solution and it can be difficult for an SMB owner to know what to focus on and where the best places … [Read more...]

Top 5 social media marketing trends to dominate 2015

Top 5 social media marketing trends to dominate 2015 pic 1

Social media is present in many people’s everyday lives. In fact, there are many who cannot survive without it. Their first thought in the morning is to check the latest updates. This has led to a rise in the need for social media marketing. The following five are likely to dominate this coming … [Read more...]

2014 trending topics ends, 2015 predictions

2014 trending topics ends, 2015 begins pic 1

2014 was a massive year for searching in Google, so much so there were trillions of searches made. The ‘2014 Trending Topics for USA’ are very interesting indeed, so much so it was featured as a Google Doodle to relive the best moments of last year. Google Trends of 2014 come in many categories … [Read more...]

Google Trends refresh update and year in search

google year in search 2014

The Google team have been busy little bees with its new Google Trends refresh, as well as it new ‘Year in Search 2014’. When you visit Google Trends now you will see a whole new look, which looks clean and in box format. We call it box format because all the subjects such as 'Searches' and … [Read more...]

Top Facebook Trending topics for October 10

Top Facebook Trending topics for October 10

As of 14:42 GMT the top 10 Facebook Trending topics are as follow, these are the hottest subjects on Facebook at the moment, which obviously change all the time. In first place is Real Madrid star ‘Gareth Bale’, where news surrounding the footballer urging teammate Cristiano Ronaldo not to leave … [Read more...]

Jigsaw World game is trending among friends

Jigsaw World game is trending among friends

There are so many Facebook games, such as highly popular ones like Candy Crush Saga. But there are other games such as Jigsaw World, which is now trending among Facebook friends. The Jigsaw World Facebook app has over one hundred puzzles for you to play, there are unique pre-made puzzle packs and … [Read more...]

Twitter trend data on 100 Happy Days hashtag

Twitter trend data on 100 Happy Days hashtag

#100HappyDays trending rather well on Twitter, the hashtag has had more than 2 million mentions since January 1st, 2014. Spredfast decided they wanted to share some data after they looked at the trend happening on Twitter, they analyzed how long people are sticking with it and how happy these … [Read more...]

Nash Grier Mangos, Nash Text Taylor hashtag trends

Nash Grier Mangos, Nash Text Taylor hashtag trends

Nash Grier is making hashtags trend again on Twitter, the two in question are #mangos and #NashTextTaylor, but one of them is causing a massive tweet reaction. The first hashtag #mangos started to trend on Twitter after the Nash Grier Teen Choice Awards interview, in the middle of the interview … [Read more...]

Ice Bucket Challenge videos trends for ALS

Ice Bucket Challenge videos trends for ALS main pic

The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the social media world by storm, it does not matter where you look the challenge is being shown on YouTube as well as being mentioned all over the social media networks. You will see many videos being posted on YouTube, as well as being shared on Facebook, … [Read more...]

No makeup selfie and new Sellotape selfie trend

No makeup selfie and new Sellotape selfie

Since the liberating no makeup selfie campaign started over on Facebook in support of cancer awareness it has been reported in just 48 hours €500,000 has been raised in Ireland and over €2.5m in the UK. Many Facebook users would have seen women post a photo of themselves with no make up on at … [Read more...]

Two not so shocking Facebook trends, stats

Two not so shocking Facebook trends, stats

Below you can see a new infographic titled “7 Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet,” two of them mention Facebook, which we believe are not so shocking but interesting. Billions are using the Internet as we write this, with many of them involved in some sort of Internet business with others … [Read more...]

Twitter Top 10 Trends: Will Amy Winehouse Chart?


Its that time of the week again when we round up the week's top 10 trends on Twitter. Over the past month it has been Football which has been dominating the top of the chart, but can this trend be repeated? Last week saw the tragic death of Amy Winehouse with Twitter really coming alive to mourn … [Read more...]

What Is Twitter’s Top Trending Topic For June?


Gather round folks because its time to round up the top 10 trends on Twitter from the month of June. The 6th month of the year has so far produced 2 different top trends, both claiming the number 1 spot twice, they are Football and Fathers Day. There is a good chance either could be the top trend … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Top 10 Trends This Week- Football Again?


Its that time of the week again when we give you the top 10 countdown of what has been trending on Twitter over the past week. Last week we saw Football take the top spot, but can it stay there? We offer our kind thanks as normal to Matt Silverman of Mashable who has compiled the trends chart. … [Read more...]

Twitter Top 10 Trending Topics: This Week’s Cut


It’s that time of the week again, that’s right the Twitter top 10 trending topics and this week’s cut is pretty impressive. We normally bring you this report weekly courtesy of Mashable; once again their author Matt Silverman has compiled his report and published it for all of our viewing pleasure … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Trends On Twitter This Week Are…


As another week ends it signals the time where we take a look back at what trended on Twitter in the last 7 days. Once again we offer our thanks to Matt Silverman over on Mashable who summarises the top 10 trending topics each week. … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Top Trends: 10 Of The Best


This week's edition of the top trends on Twitter is jam packed with celebrities, media and Justin Bieber. So lets get stuck in and see what everyone has been talking about on the world's most popular microblogging site; chart courtesy of Mashable. … [Read more...]

2010 Holiday Gifting Trend Report for Electronic Products


Many of you will already be into your shopping for the holiday season and we’ve recently posted articles that may interest you about ideas for personalized gadgets, a Gift Plan app for iPhone and also ideas for business gifts. We’ve also been taking a look at a report on 2010 holiday gifting trends … [Read more...]

YouTube Trends: Keeping track of what’s popular, plus VIDEO


Here at OSM we know just how many of you are interested in news about YouTube and have recently posted an article on how YouTube gained the number one position in the top 10 social media sites of 2010. Yesterday we also brought you news of the top ten 2010 YouTube videos. Now we have news to tell … [Read more...]

2010 Twitter Trends: Gulf oil spill tops the year’s list


Following on from news about the Twitter spam attack that we posted on earlier today is more news about Twitter. We often bring you news about the top Twitter trends in a week but now we have information about the 2010 Top Twitter Trends to share with you. … [Read more...]

Whats Trending? Twitter’s Top 10


Its that time again, when we bring you the list of what trended on Twitter last week. The top of the chart is dominated by unfortunate events this week, with some of last week's most popular topics staying strong further down. The chart is compiled by Mashable and with many thanks. … [Read more...]

Trends On Twitter: The hottest 10 of the week


This week's top 10 trends on Twitter are not as sporty as last week's chart and feature holidays and events this time around. We have compiled the 10 most discussed topics on Twitter this week, with kind thanks to Mashable. So to kick things off this week at the top of the chart we have the … [Read more...]