The Sun Superdays Free Tickets to Alton Towers

Do you fancy getting your hands on two free tickets for Alton Towers worth over £100? If the answer is yes then we know ‘The Sun Superdays’ will be for you.

The Sun and its cool Superdays have teamed up with Merlin Entertainments where they will be giving its readers a load of great ways to entertain the family and of course friends, and YES for FREE.

There are two options to follow to claim your 2 free tickets. The first option is to collect all the 10 codes from the back page of The Sun newspaper between March 19 and April 8, once you have all the codes apply online by registering and entering all the codes at, now all you have to do is choose a date by browsing availability, once you have done this you simply pay a £1.50 booking free where you will be sent your tickets by email for you to print.

The second option is by apply by post. Just collect the 10 codes, attach your tokens and select your date bands – choose to receive your tickets by e-tickets or post and then include a self-addressed envelope about 15x18cm in size with a 1st Class Stamp, once you have done this write your 5 band choices and then send the completed for with your 10 tokens with the SAE envelope.

Read more about the above here, you can even join the Superday Selfie where you could win a years family pass that allows you access to over 30 Merlin Entertainments attraction.

  • James

    Does anyone have a code for the Alton Towers tickets from yesterday’s paper please. Sat 19th March. Missed it and can’t find a copy anywhere. Thanks!