Brussels Flag for Facebook Profile Picture using Rainbow Filter

Many people lost their lives with many more left injured after the terrible bombings in Belgium, and social media network users can show their support by displaying the Brussels Flag as their Facebook profile picture using Rainbow Filter.

Brussels Flag for Facebook Profile Picture Using Rainbow Filter

Already, thousands of Facebook users are displaying the black, yellow and red colours, which of course belong to the Brussels flag. The deadly attacks have left the world in shock after explosions hit Brussels Metro and airport, but social media can show their sympathy to victims of these attacks.

Back in November 2015 Facebook users showed support for Paris by showing the French flag, and now they are doing so with the Brussels flag.

How To Change Facebook Profile Photo Using Brussels Flag?

The easiest way is to use the ‘Rainbow Filter’ website, all you need to do is login and let the site have access to your profile photo so they can add the flag. After you have done this you can go into your Facebook’s settings are remove the permissions that Rainbow Filter requires.

Once you have done the above your profile photo will have the flag filtered over the top, then you just add it you’re your Facebook. You can also add to Twitter etc.


Download the photo and just upload yourself, this is a simple process where you can add a time limit if you wish to do so.

Brussels Flag for Facebook Profile Picture Using Rainbow Filter pic 1