Destiny Iron Banner, Dates and Times for March 2016

Gamers are waiting for the upcoming April update, which will be we us on the 12th and whilst you wait patiently you will be happy to know the next Destiny Iron Banner is today.

What time does Iron Banner start? It will begin today March 29th at 10AM PST, which is 5PM GMT in the UK. It will then come to an end on April 5th at the same time.

Are you ready to take part in another round of the Iron Banner?
This time round the game is called “Control”. To gain victory just gain control and you will be rewarded with some lovely loot. Machines guns, hand cannons and armour will be accessible for all core classes, get ready for a special set for PS4 players.

Bungie has already revealed they will be bringing a new Destiny update on April 12th, there will be a new increase to the Light level, new strikes and better challenges and rewards. Just so you know there will be two new livestreams revealing more details about the April update, these will be aired March 30th and April 6. If you would love to discus the next Iron Banner event please do so over on Event Next where they update in the comments.

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