Hearthstone servers down due to maintenance frustrates gamers

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft gamers are left feeling a little frustrated today because they are unable to access and play their beloved game. Today on March 30, 2016 players were well aware of a scheduled Battle.net maintenance, but when things were looking good they decided to extend the maintenance.

Battle.net has been under maintenance for a few hours now (EU Only), which has left Hearthsone players in the dark until Blizzard can sort the issues they are having.

Hearthstone players are already taking to Twitter to vent their anger, these tweets came after Blizzard tweeted this, “Maintenance has been extended; we do not have an estimated time just yet. Sorry for the disruption. #maint”.

Please be aware that the maintenance is for Europe only, this does however mean no gameplay until servers are up and running again. It does seem a little strange how no tweet updates have been left on the official Hearthstone Twitter page.

Are the Hearthstone servers still down for you?

Hearthstone Down for Maintenance

  • Brandon

    Yes it is down for me and i am not happy. Because I thought things were going smoothly.