The Division Patch Notes Update for April 1

Many gamers complained through social media today when Tom Clancy’s The Division servers went offline. But this was due to a planned maintenance for the new April 1 patch notes.

It was confirmed on the official Twitter account @TheDivisionGame that the servers would go offline for PX, PS4 and Xbox One users, which happened at 8am and was back online within 30 minutes.

The reason for the change was worthwhile for gamers; here are the features within the new Tom Clancy’s The Division update:

Missions: Additional loot will NOT be dropped if killed repeatedly; this is for the named NPCs killed from outside the mission area. Another update is for the Madison Field Hospital, when Hutch is killed right before jumping off the roof where Elite NPC that spawns will no longer drop additional loot when killed.

The update also includes issues being fixed, which allow groups to bypass the limit of four members. If you would like to keep an eye out on servers and a place where you can have your say, please visit Is Down Right Now.

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