Tips For Improving Your Social Media Posts

Improving their social media posts is the point of focus for the overwhelming majority of business owners around the world. The secret to achieving that is to make readers feel connected to you and have a better understanding of your brand. According to research, the more you influence people, the more you get noticed, and the more others will want to know about who you are and what you do. Here’s how.

1. Pick your Images Wisely

It’s all about understanding the human mind and finding ways to appeal to your audience on an emotional level. Undeniably, images speak to viewers and are your first call to action in your social media posts. So, pick images that best express what you are trying to convey through your post.

See Red Bull’s images on Instagram, for example. They encourage followers to enjoy life to the fullest and never seize seeking new adventures. In short, the images you select should tell a story; the story you want your audience to know about.

Images that will draw your audience’s attention comprise the front door to your content. Therefore, they have to make a big impact. So, select images with an interesting pattern and vivid colous. And, don’t forget that they need to be relevant to your target audience!

As for your profile picture, choose an image that makes you look friendly (smiling, no sunglasses, and showing you from your shoulder upward).

2. Choose What you Share Carefully

Although we might be stating the obvious here, it’s important to know that whatever you post, prompts some sort of emotion, even if that’s sheer boredom. Readers always feel something when they see your posts. For example, Adidas shared a post on September 2015 showing Flavia Pennetta’s reaction after winning her first Grand Slam singles title. Her exhilaration was something almost all of us could connect with. So, sharing stuff that promotes happy emotions and portrays a friendly and happy brand that’s generous and helpful can definitely impact your social media posts. Anything lighthearted and fun also appeals to readers on an emotional level.

3. Color that Communicates Better

To get more engagement on social media, it’s important to make the best colour choices. It’s always a good idea to decide on a color that will represent your brand before you start sharing content on social media. That colour will impact your followers on a psychological level and draw attention to what you are saying. This is part of visual marketing. So, you need to choose brand colours that will stand out in people’s news feeds and make your posts instantly recognisable in your posts and on your social channels. This means that if you are not getting the engagement you would like, it may be because your brand colour simply doesn’t speak to your target audience and a slight revision to it could make all the difference!

4. Use Words that Trigger Action

Content has been king for a long time. It’s been found that using trigger words that people like hearing, such as the wh-questions (who, when, where, what, why, and how), grab people’s attention. This is because they spark an emotional response that makes readers feel you have something to say that they want to hear.

5. Create a Good Working Environment for your Team

The most successful companies use social media marketers to promote their brand. If you have also assigned a team to work on creating and posting content on your social media channels, as well as establishing communication to engage your followers and see what they really need, then it’s worth putting an effort into keeping them happy. Good mood motivates everyone. It will also boost the productivity of your team!

Now you know how to connect with your followers better and spark brand recognition and engagement! Looking forward to reading your social media posts!


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    This is very interesting and insightful, thanks guys.