The Division Maintenance May 24, Update 1.2 Release Time

the division conflict pic 2

Are you getting ready for the new The Division Conflict update 1.2? Tom Clancy’s The Division is now offline on May 24 due to a 3-hour maintenance because it is getting ready to deploy the new update. Ubisoft will be deploying The Division update 1.2: Conflict fairly soon, so please be … [Read more...]

The Division Patch Notes Update for April 1

The Division Patch Notes Update for April 1 pic 2

Many gamers complained through social media today when Tom Clancy’s The Division servers went offline. But this was due to a planned maintenance for the new April 1 patch notes. It was confirmed on the official Twitter account @TheDivisionGame that the servers would go offline for PX, PS4 and … [Read more...]

Destiny Iron Banner, Dates and Times for March 2016

Destiny Iron Banner, Dates and Times March 2016 pic 2

Gamers are waiting for the upcoming April update, which will be we us on the 12th and whilst you wait patiently you will be happy to know the next Destiny Iron Banner is today. What time does Iron Banner start? It will begin today March 29th at 10AM PST, which is 5PM GMT in the UK. It will … [Read more...]

3 videos predicting FIFA 16 vs PES 2016

3 videos predicting FIFA 16 vs PES 2016 pic 1

FIFA 16 vs PES 2016, which one are you going to choose this year? So many gamers have been fretting to leave in favor of PES this year because of FIFA 15 and its bad connection with EA servers. But before you make any decision please watch the 3 videos below to see if this will help you make the … [Read more...]

Steam is down with a connection error

Steam Store down error July 27 pic 1

Hundreds of gamers are reporting to us that Steam is down with a connection error, which means those trying to login cannot access online and use the services like they normally would. No one is sure why the digital download store is down because no official release or statement has been made on … [Read more...]

Destiny Xur location tracker, video taking over social media

Destiny’s Xur location tracker, video taking over social media pic 1

People are smothering social media networks at the moment looking for details on the Destiny Xur Agent of the Nine location and what possible gear they will likely get. The main social media channel people are taking to is Twitter, over on @NineAgent alone one particular tweet is getting a lot … [Read more...]

Destiny server status today monitored by social services

Gearing up for Bungie Bounty Dames of Destiny today

There are a number of websites online that have gained in popularity for tracking gaming uptime, such as Is Down Right Now, which receives reports about the Destiny server status right now directly from gamers. The Destiny game has a number of error codes on all platforms and this includes PS4. … [Read more...]

EA server problems with FIFA 15 transfer market down

EA is down

The FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market is down at the moment with hundreds taking to social media to vent their dismay of it not working for them. There is a huge EA outage at the moment and the server is down for a while, and because the server is down many games are suffering such as FIFA 15 … [Read more...]

Monty Oum Twitter tributes, family support donations

monty oum sadly dies

It is with great regret that web-based animator Monty Oum has sadly died, the 33-year-old animator who is very well know in the online gaming community was famous for his Dead Fantasy series and Haloid in 2007. Employed by Rooster Teeth, they took to their site and left a heartfelt message to all … [Read more...]

H1Z1 servers enters extended down time

H1Z1 servers enters extended down time pic 1

The H1Z1 servers went down yesterday at 2PM PT (10:00 PM GMT), but yet still there are still teething problems getting them back up and running properly. Servers of the new zombie game H1Z1 was supposed to last just 2 hours, yet over on the official H1Z1 Game (@H1Z1game) Twitter account they … [Read more...]

London Mobile Games Week 2015 events list

London Mobile Games Week 2015 events list

In just five days time the official London Mobile Games Week 2015 will kick off starting from January 19th through to the 23rd. There will be a number of events running the entire week in London, UK. These will include professionals in the world of technology, including entertainment and creative … [Read more...]

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime

Questions are already being asked about the scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance, which could take around four hours to complete. The PlayStation network maintenance will take at least four hours tomorrow (January 15, Thursday), and already many gamers are taking to Twitter asking, “If the … [Read more...]

Finest Squad Vs GDKJordie and no Christmas DDoS

FinestSquad Vs LizardSquad and no Christmas DDoS

Seems like The Finest Squad is taking on the world, the war has already started on @GDKJordie (R.I.U. Jord YM051K) aka #LizardSquad. The Finest are tweeting often, what are they up to now? They released the ‘FinestSquad vs LizardSquad - Part 1’ YouTube video saying they will be prevent any … [Read more...] is down, BlizzardCS aware and angry tweets is down, BlizzardCS aware and angry tweets

Many gamers are having trouble with at the moment, it seems the servers are down. Many users are taking to Twitter to vent their anger because they cannot get to play their games. Many gamers are asking if has crashed or something because they are getting timeout messages … [Read more...]

PS4 20th Anniversary Edition video, Twitter reaction

PS4 20th Anniversary Edition video, Twitter reaction

To mark the first PlayStation consoles 20th birthday, Sony is releasing 12,300 PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles complete with controller, camera and stand. The news broke over on the PlayStation blog, who also shared the great news on its official @PlayStation Twitter account. Where they … [Read more...]

How social media gaming can benefit your business?

How social media gaming can benefit your business

Social gaming is a big business these days, with companies such as Zynga (maker of popular Facebook games like Farmville and Mafia Wars) making millions. Social games are different from traditional games in that they spread virally by using social networks. Many companies are discovering that social … [Read more...]

PSN down for maintenance today

PSN down for maintenance today

The PlayStation network will be down today for its scheduled maintenance upgrade, which was supposed to have happened Monday. Monday was supposed to have been the scheduled PSN maintenance update day, but due to an unexpected DDoS attack over the weekend it had to be postponed. But the planned … [Read more...]

PSN down prompts Lizard Squad DDoS debate

PSN offline for 2.5 hours for maintenance today pic 3

Sony decided to hold off its PSN maintenance update because the PlayStation network went down after another DDoS attack thought to be by Lizard Squad. We saw the words ‘PSN is down’ over on Twitter and many tweets showed PlayStation owners’ having the same problems, mostly reporting error codes … [Read more...]

Xbox one problems includes ban if you swear

Xbox one problems includes ban if you swear

Twitter is such a wonderful place sometimes, it seems everyone’s wants to talk about Xbox One problems. The main issue that is popping up at the moment is users getting banned if they swear, but this has entailed more neck aches. Users have said that when they upload gameplay videos in where they … [Read more...]

Twitter shows PS4 popularity after Xbox One reveal

Twitter shows PS4 popularity after Xbox One reveal

Microsoft and Sony are the two big names when it comes to building gaming consoles, and even after the Xbox One reveal it seems the PS4 wins in the popularity corner. Over on GameSpot they started a new “Tweet Your Allegiance Now” poll by using hashtags GameSpotXbox and GameSpotPS4 and all users … [Read more...]

MW3 viral video trailer inc. The Vet & Noob


One of this year’s ultimate games is about to be set loose on Tuesday November 8th, much to the delight of a sea of gamers, yep that’s right Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. There will no doubt be masses of you that have already pre-ordered the game, currently retailing for $59.99, although across … [Read more...]

PS3 Memory Causes Cross Game Chat And Rage Problems


In the console world, there are two roads that you can go down, one is to become a fan of Sony's PS3 or the other is to follow Microsoft's Xbox 360. Each camp will rave about their consoles various abilities, whilst trying to brush aside their failings. … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Down: Back Up “ASAP”


We have just found out that Sony’s PlayStation Network has suffered a technical hitch once again. Efforts for those trying to log in have been met with a message of partial service availability. Worries for many after Sony’s previous problems saw hackers infiltrating the site, which led to leaked … [Read more...]

New CoD Black Ops Zombies Trailer Launched To Promote DLC 4


The final chapter of Black Ops Zombies is very close for PS3 and PC players and Activision has decided to remind everyone by launching a new trailer. Xbox 360 users have had exclusivity on DLC 4 for almost a month now, releasing a "Zombie Labs" trailer with the map pack. The last batch of maps … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II: Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD, Take Advantage


Samsung's new Galaxy S II smartphone is proving a real asset to the company and if sold units are anything to go by, then the company's target of 10 million for this year will be no problem to reach. One of the first countries to enjoy Samsung's popular handset was that of South Korea with others … [Read more...]