Phantom Squad Twitter back with Lizard Squad threat

Phantom Squad Twitter back with Lizard Squad threat pic 1

Just under a week ago we reported a possibility of new hackers Phantom Squad taking down PSN and Xbox Live on Christmas Day, then literally one day later on December 18 the groups Twitter account was taken offline. It was then just one day later on the 19th they made a Twitter comeback with a new … [Read more...]

Will Phantom Squad take down PSN, Xbox Live on Christmas Day?

Will Phantom Squad take down PSN, Xbox Live on Christmas Day

One year ago during the Christmas period PSN and Xbox Live were attacked by hackers known as the Lizard Squad, and now one year on it seems there could be a reenactment but this time round from new hackers known as the Phantom Squad. It looks like they could take down PSN and Xbox Live, which could … [Read more...]

Every PSN service down with PS3, PS4 status

Every PSN service down with PS3, PS4 status pic 1

All PlayStation users are left hanging wondering what has happened to the PlayStation Network. Every PSN service is down with PS3, PS4 status. When you visit the PlayStation Service Status website you will see everything is highlight in red, meaning all PSN services are down and with no … [Read more...]

GTA 5 PSN gamers debate, UK server status on May 16

GTA 5 PSN gamers debate, UK server status on May 16 pic 1

The PlayStation Network was hit very hard last night at around midnight GMT (7PM Eastern Time), and it seems the GTA 5 PSN gamers’ debate is still ongoing with continuing problems of downtime. Around midnight there were many reports coming in about the huge PSN outage, and UK gamers are still … [Read more...]

Lizard Squad Lands kills PSN with comeback

Lizard Squad Lands kills PSN with comeback pic 1

Lizard Squad are back! And gamers already hate the well-known hackers with a vengeance. Social media lit up like fireworks early hours when the PSN was taken down, and Lizard Squad were claiming responsibility. The PlayStation Network was hit hard last night leaving millions of gamers offline and … [Read more...]

PSN maintenance schedule starts May 11

GTA 5 PSN gamers debate, UK server status on May 16 pic 2

The PlayStation Service Status page is reporting its new PSN maintenance schedule, which is all set to commence on Monday May 11, 2015. If you wish to play online then it is best to stay signed in (within the past 24 hours for PS4. PS3 owners need to have signed in recently) before the … [Read more...]

PSN messages down on April 22 for maintenance

PSN messages down on April 22 for maintenance pic 1

Sony has officially announced that PSN messages will be down on April 22, 2015 for maintenance. The PlayStation Network starting at 5.00 am (9pm PST) will run for 3 hours ending 8.00 am BST, which will affect PS3, PS4, PS Vita platforms and the PlayStation Mobile app. This basically means … [Read more...]

PSN offline for 2.5 hour maintenance today

PSN down for 2.5 hours for maintenance today

Gamers will be a little set back today (March 23, 2015) because the PlayStation Network will be going offline for around 2.5 hours for a scheduled maintenance. The official update over on PlayStation's website states it will be down for 2.5 hours for a routine PSN maintenance from 16:00 until … [Read more...]

PSN is down March 16, DriveClub 1.12 PS4 update

PSN down for 2.5 hours for maintenance today

PSN is down on March 16, 2015 and has been for the last few minutes. No official statement as to why the service is down has been released yet. The only thing we can see bringing the PlayStation network down would have to be too many people trying to download something at the same time. This … [Read more...]

PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update

PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update

No official, PlayStation Twitter updates have been reported as of yet, but it seems the PSN is down once again. Gamers are taking to Twitter to vent their anger out that they cannot access the PlayStation network, but this could be due to the latest PS4 2.04 update going live. Many gamers are … [Read more...]

PSN status takes Destiny PS4 down on Feb 12

PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update

The PSN server status has changed in the last 15 minutes with reports pointing to Destiny servers being unavailable right now. The problems started in the UK afternoon on Feb 12, although they also impacted United States gamers playing Destiny on PS4 as well. One error code being reported states, … [Read more...]

PSN being down angers PS4 Destiny players

PSN status shows its down on July 3

The PlayStation Network seems to be having a few issues at the moment, and even though many gamers are complaining of the service being down the PSN service status says ‘Intermittently available’. PlayStation are aware of the issues, they report that PS4 users may be experiencing problems when … [Read more...]

PlayStation Network maintenance prime time disaster complaints

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime pic 1

Complaints are coming in about the PlayStation Network being down, but reminders have been sent out via social media and support pages that it is just a scheduled PSN maintenance update. The PSN maintenance was scheduled to last for about 4 hours from 9 AM to 1 PM Pacific Time, but gamers are … [Read more...]

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime

Questions are already being asked about the scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance, which could take around four hours to complete. The PlayStation network maintenance will take at least four hours tomorrow (January 15, Thursday), and already many gamers are taking to Twitter asking, “If the … [Read more...]

Lizard Squad vs. The Finest with Twitter comeback

Lizard Squad vs. The Finest with Twitter comeback pic 1

The Lizard Squad’s Twitter account @LiazrdPatrol has been suspended and taken offline. According to a tweet, gamers will be able to thank ‘The Finest Squad’ (@FinestSquad) for taking them down. The Finest tweeted, “We have successfully removed LizardSquad from Twitter. Your Welcome fellow gamers. … [Read more...]

PSN down for maintenance today

PSN down for maintenance today

The PlayStation network will be down today for its scheduled maintenance upgrade, which was supposed to have happened Monday. Monday was supposed to have been the scheduled PSN maintenance update day, but due to an unexpected DDoS attack over the weekend it had to be postponed. But the planned … [Read more...]

PSN down prompts Lizard Squad DDoS debate

PSN offline for 2.5 hours for maintenance today pic 3

Sony decided to hold off its PSN maintenance update because the PlayStation network went down after another DDoS attack thought to be by Lizard Squad. We saw the words ‘PSN is down’ over on Twitter and many tweets showed PlayStation owners’ having the same problems, mostly reporting error codes … [Read more...]

PS3, PS4 network login downtime caused Twitter mayhem

PS3, PS4 network login downtime caused Twitter mayhem

Did you have PS3 or PS4 network problems? Many gamers had issues trying to login in to the PSN and this caused Twitter mayhem. Sony has since fixed the issue with logging in to the PlayStation Network, and it was blamed on the PS4. When those celebrating Christmas opened up their presents and … [Read more...]

Suffering Sony’s PSN & SOE: Some Users Get Lock Down


Poor poor electronics giant Sony must be wondering what it has to do to gain its customers confidence back, after another reported security breach swept its PlayStation Network and SOE games service. Still reeling from the impact of the PSN attack back at the end of April, where the details of … [Read more...]

New Sony S1 & S2 Tablets Enlighten Us Further: VIDEO


Back in April, we enlightened you with two possible tablets in the pipeline, the S1 and S2 as they were named from tech giants Sony. At the time we didn’t really have much to go on other than rumored specs, price and of course the important release date. Now with a handful of extra articles and … [Read more...]

Sony PS4 2012 Launch: Overhauled PSN Increases The Odds


In the last week, speculation as to whether Sony will launch a new games console next year has been rife. We have had several indicators this week that could suggest we will see a PS4 or maybe even something like a PS3.5, who knows? Now that Sony has fully restored the PlayStation Network around … [Read more...]

Sony Shamed With Pictures Hack: 37,500 Compromised


Poor Sony, not only are they just getting over the latest PSN outage with services starting to become fully resumed, but last week they were targeted yet again with their Pictures website. It seems the hackers responsible for this are that of “Lulz Security,” a group that have already hit Sony and … [Read more...]

PSN Restoration: FAQ - Your Questions Answered


The PSN has been at the forefront of every Sony PlayStation 3 user’s mind for some time now and the fact that it’s backup is great for all of you who have wanted your Call of Duty fix or if you have wanted to perform your favorite Fatality against your friend on the latest Mortal Kombat game … [Read more...]

Amazon Server Used To Breach PSN


Since Sony’s PlayStation Network went down on the 20th April many people have been left with a wide range of mixed emotions, many of these people have given up on PSN which has resulted in a rise of second-hand PS3’s. As PSN is currently undergoing final testing in Japan, were people acting too … [Read more...]

Xperia Play Games Not Selling: PSN Outage The Cause?


When Sony’s PlayStation Network was breached earlier this month thousands of people were left with very mixed emotions, in the mist of all this we have been trying to bring you as much news as we can. In previous posts we have talked about a possible restoration time and how Microsoft planned to … [Read more...]