Facebook fends off 600000 security attacks each day

For a time now, social networking sites such as Facebook have been criticized not just for the way in which they conduct their privacy constraints, but also for the sites in general being accessible to just about everybody. … [Read more...]

Suffering Sony’s PSN & SOE: Some Users Get Lock Down

Poor poor electronics giant Sony must be wondering what it has to do to gain its customers confidence back, after another reported security breach swept its PlayStation Network and SOE games service. Still reeling from the impact of the PSN attack back at the end of April, where the details of … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Down: Back Up “ASAP”

We have just found out that Sony’s PlayStation Network has suffered a technical hitch once again. Efforts for those trying to log in have been met with a message of partial service availability. Worries for many after Sony’s previous problems saw hackers infiltrating the site, which led to … [Read more...]

Reckless Tweeters Cause Ground Zero Terror Attack News

As the tenth anniversary approaches of the 9/11 attacks that hit across America, we remember those who lost their lives that day and those left behind, many of which will be holding their own special memorials and vigils tomorrow. Just a few days ago, we brought you news of how you could get … [Read more...]

Facebook Shut Down: Hackers “Anonymous” Bonfire Night

Online social networking site Facebook since its initial launch in 2004, is now seeing over 750 million users take to its pages. Set up by co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the site allows its followers to find and add friends to a list, share and tag photos, play games and so on. But rumored … [Read more...]

Twitter Hacked Accounts: Weight-Loss Spam Spreading

Social networking sites are increasing in popularity and have become part of our daily lives. At times reports have claimed that people cannot be without sites such as Facebook and Twitter and rely on them to stay in touch with their loved ones and groups of friends. Another to add to the mix is … [Read more...]

Simon Pegg’s Twitter Account Hacked, Spreads Trojan Virus

Celebrities use Twitter as a way to promote themselves, their projects and to give their viewers a window into their lives. They therefore become massive targets for spammers and scammers who want to spread their piece of malware or their virus into people’s computers. The latest celebrity to fall … [Read more...]

Sega Deeply Troubled From Hack: 1.3 Million Compromised

Over the last few weeks, all we seem to be faced with are reports of various companies suffering from hacking attacks. Firstly the biggest affected was that of Sony's PlayStation Secure Network, with their other services to suffer such as Pictures and Ericsson's phone network in Canada. Then … [Read more...]

Epic Games Targeted: Password Reshuffle After Hack

Today yet another story of hacking has been bought to our attention, this time it involves the attack on Epic Games. Just earlier this morning we gave you news that the US Senate's network had been the target of hacking group Lulz Security, and although the stolen information was not sensitive it … [Read more...]

Huge Cyber Hack Possibility: US Senate Network Under Fire

Since April 20th, when Sony's PlayStation Secure Network went down due to hackers attacking the servers and delving into customers' personal information, we have seen a stream of other tech companies suffering from the same fate. We have heard of Nintendo, Microsoft, NHS, Citigroup, Codemasters and … [Read more...]

Sony Not Just Targeted: UK Gaming “Codemasters” Hacked

Are you like us wondering when the constant attacks from hackers will stop. Ok its not a new thing, but since April 20th when the Sony PSN went down, we have heard more on Sony being targeted with its Pictures service, Microsoft, Nintendo, Citigroup and so on. … [Read more...]

Sony Shamed With Pictures Hack: 37,500 Compromised

Poor Sony, not only are they just getting over the latest PSN outage with services starting to become fully resumed, but last week they were targeted yet again with their Pictures website. It seems the hackers responsible for this are that of “Lulz Security,” a group that have already hit Sony … [Read more...]

Sony’s Plight Continues: Ericsson Hacked, Data Extracted

You have to feel sorry for Sony at this present time, in fact over the last few weeks. How much bad luck can one company put up with? First gamers had to suffer with the loss of Sony's PlayStation Secure Network which fingers crossed, has now been resumed for most people, then this week, their … [Read more...]