Facebook profile picture of French Flag shows support

Facebook French flag removal causes confusion

Facebook is allowing users to change their profile picture with a French Flag overlay to show your support for the country that was attacked yesterday. Sadly people lost their lives and thousands are mourning on social media sites such as Facebook. You can have the temporary French flag overlay … [Read more...]

Facebook open source library modules for deep-learning

Facebook open source library modules for deep-learning main pic

Facebook discharged a modest bunch of software libraries, which the social media giants is calling "modules" - as open source. The social media network’s prerogative to open-source some product modules is basically for empowering clients to construct greater, speedier profound learning models, … [Read more...]

Facebook’s discrimination against long names

Chase N Silva facebook issues

Facebook are getting very strict when it comes to its fake name policy, and many accounts are being suspended because of this. One such person now called Chase N Silva from Kaneohe, Hawaii is not too happy with the social media giants. Chase N Silva is the name he now uses on Facebook, because … [Read more...]

Facebook advertising continuing growth: search, social snapshot

Facebook advertising continuing growth- search, social snapshot main pic

A new Kenshoo study breakdown its search and social snapshot for Q2 2014 and shows its global spending on Facebook ads have increased by more than 50% year-on-year. The search and social snapshot for Q2 2014 highlights the ad spend showing it grows for search and social quarter-over-quarter and … [Read more...]

Facebook users still down after experiment apology

Facebook users still down after experiment apology

Facebook has finally come out and apologized following the revelations of its psychological experiment with around 700,000 of its users. It comes as no surprise to us that Facebook users are still down and are not ready to forgive the social networking giant just yet. Having said that, we know … [Read more...]

Facebook autoplay UK video ads won’t suck data

Facebook autoplay UK video ads will suck data

If you live in the UK then be prepared to see Facebook autoplay ads as they are releasing in the coming weeks, do not worry because they will not eat into your data. The Facebook autoplay video ads according to Marketing Week will automatically play when you scroll down to them, even if you do … [Read more...]

Facebook actually launched FB Newswire March 2014

Facebook actually launched  FB Newswire March 2014

Facebook has launched the new FB Newswire, which is being powered by Storyful and offers millions of writers a storehouse of checked, ongoing substance for utilization in blanket breaking news stories. News is made on Facebook on a daily basis and majority of FB users find their news there, over … [Read more...]

Facebook Marketplace design, shopping using Oculus Rift

Facebook Marketplace design, shopping using Oculus VR

Facebook's price per share dropped 6.9 per cent last week, the first full day taken after the affirmation that the organization is to get Oculus VR. The organization's offer value fell $4.51 to close at $60.38, after the firm said that it has consented to purchase the Oculus Rift creator in an … [Read more...]

Google Plus comments inside Blogger posts

Google Plus comments inside Blogger posts

Users can now use the Google Plus comments system within the Blogger blogging platform, the new Blogger update is very good indeed and means users can take full advantage to respond to blog posts via Google+ accounts. If you have a Google+ account some may be very happy that the Google+ … [Read more...]

Small Businesses choose Facebook over directories

Small businesses choose Facebook over directories

Around 36 percent of small businesses in Britain have made Facebook their number one choice when it comes to finding new customers, and as a result are now choosing the social media service over small local business directories. It's not just these directories that have seen a sharp downturn in … [Read more...]

Building excitement for Facebook IPO

Building excitement for Facebook IPO

FaceBook's IPO has been on the cards for some time now, so finally nice to see that Mark Zuckerberg has kicked off his road show in the hope of building up some excitement. The event started yesterday and was closed to the public, but there were long lines of potential institutional investor - we … [Read more...]

Social Media “charity giving” Twitter users give more


Although many of us know how popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become, they are still overlooked with what they can achieve for individuals, businesses, charities and so on. The use of social media as its known, is a subject we touch on from time to time, and as well as giving you … [Read more...]

Facebook app for Dance Central 2


The popularity of dance-based games has seen an influx of new releases, with new versions coming out, the need to add that little something extra to entice gamers is all important. In conjunction with Dance Central 2, Microsoft Studios has released just that. … [Read more...]

M5 crash Twitter reacts


People around the country are waking to news of a terrible incident that happened on the M5 last night. At 8.30pm 27 vehicles were involved in a collision on the busy motorway near Taunton Somerset, which left cars and lorries ablaze. … [Read more...]

Baffled Facebook users, changes bring chaos


Although Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is growing in user numbers by the day and behind Google is the next searched for website, users are becoming increasingly frustrated by the changes made in relation to data security settings. … [Read more...]

Facebook fends off 600000 security attacks each day


For a time now, social networking sites such as Facebook have been criticized not just for the way in which they conduct their privacy constraints, but also for the sites in general being accessible to just about everybody. … [Read more...]

Facebook stirs “Clares Law” safe dating


Online social networking site Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is now home to some 800 million users and the number is continually rising. Although the site provides a good communication tool between users and the outside world, it has and still comes with negative comments, the main … [Read more...]

Social Media assisting Turkey earthquake victims


In light of the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake that ripped through the country of Turkey, bringing with it complete carnage, a rising death toll of which could be 1,000 with many left homeless, its been asked whether enough had and is being done for victims. Here at OSM, we have spoken about how … [Read more...]

Facebook INFOGRAPHIC 2011: Top 5 stats

Facebook INFOGRAPHIC 2011- Top 5 stats

We all love Infographics right; well we now have a new Facebook Infographic that has been updated for 2011? We already know all the basics, such as their 800 million users and the huge amount of photos that gets uploaded onto the social network, but what about a top 5 breakdown of other areas of … [Read more...]

Sick friends? Heinz Facebook says send soup, not timeline message

Sick friends Heinz Facebook says send soup, not timeline message

The winter months are drawing in, which will mean that the weather outside will drop and so will our immune systems. It’s the time of year when many of us will become unwell due to the passing of germs, made worse by our heating systems. However, when you become ill you do not have to suffer alone, … [Read more...]

Krista Ford on Facebook ‘left the Toronto Triumph’


Toronto Triumph’s Captain and niece of Mayor Rob Ford “Kirsta Ford” has announced that she will be quitting from her present position. The Triumph’s, one of 12 US based Lingerie Football League teams and coincidentally the only LFL franchise in Canada, have already lost 22 out of 26 players … [Read more...]

Bigger Facebook friend list related to structure of brain

Bigger Facebook friend list related to structure of brain

There is much more to Facebook than meets the eye, yes those who have an account are under a constant threat of security issues, and a minority of users involve themselves in bullying; but for the most part it’s just a way of keeping in touch with those on your friends list. For those of you who are … [Read more...]

Ron Paul for 2012 President: Twitter and Facebook support

Ron Paul for 2012 President- Twitter and Facebook support

Politics is not our strong suit, but we have to admire how Ron Paul goes about his campaign to become president in 2012. No other candidate is able to use social media to the same affect as he, but can anyone win the election 140 characters at a time? Well, that’s a good question, one that is a … [Read more...]

Increasing social awareness for Spirit Day, purple your profile

Increasing social awareness for Spirit Day, Go Purple

Tomorrow is a day when Americans are asked to throw their support behind Spirit Day 2011, which is put in place to fight back against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths who are victims of bullying. One of the best ways to support this is by increasing social awareness, which is just what … [Read more...]

Starbucks Facebook scam, phishers target coffee lovers

Starbucks Facebook scam, phishers target coffee lovers

For all those coffee lovers out there, we are afraid that there are some horrible people out there, as they have started a Facebook scam, which involves Starbucks. Phishers have already targeted people in the US and Canada, but that scam has now spread to include the nations favorite coffee … [Read more...]