Earthquake in Manipur supported by Facebook tool

Earthquake in Manipur supported by Facebook tool pic 1

Mark Zuckerberg recently updated his Facebook status to let users know they have activated its ‘Safety Check’ to see if their friends are OK after the devastating earthquake in Manipur that reached a magnitude of 6.7 killing at least 9 people according to BBC News. The northeastern India … [Read more...]

Earthquake in California today July 21

Earthquake in California today July 21 pic 2

USGS have just recorded on its site the Earthquake in California today July 21. This 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit Fremont, California just a little outside San Francisco. The time it occurred was 09:41:14 (UTC), with nearby cities being Union City, Newark, Pleasanton and Sacramento. The exact … [Read more...]

Ramsgate epicenter for earthquake today in Kent, UK

Ramsgate epicenter for earthquake today in Kent, UK pic 2

Residents of Kent were in shock last night after an earthquake was measured at 4.3 on the Richter scale, this episode lasted around 10 seconds with people saying they felt vulnerable. Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter lit up early hours this morning of those living in and around … [Read more...]

Nepal earthquake again today, May 12

Nepal earthquake again today, May 12 pic 3

Nepal has been hit with another earthquake today May 12, 2015 measuring magnitude 7.1 reports the U.S. Geological Survey. It was only on April 25 a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit in Nepal injuring over 17,800, and sadly killing around 8,046 people. This is such sad news and as of … [Read more...]

Twitter Earthquake today in Chile, La Habra via tweets

Twitter Earthquake today in Chile, La Habra via tweets

After the devastating 8.2-magnitude Earthquake in Chile thousands of people are getting Tsunami and evacuation warning, even after earthquake La Habra the Twitter responses have been coming in. All our thoughts go out to those affected after the Chile and La Habra earthquakes, there have been … [Read more...]

Social Media assisting Turkey earthquake victims


In light of the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake that ripped through the country of Turkey, bringing with it complete carnage, a rising death toll of which could be 1,000 with many left homeless, its been asked whether enough had and is being done for victims. Here at OSM, we have spoken about how … [Read more...]

San Francisco earthquake rocks Twitter, map details


The San Francisco earthquake that shock the Bay Area only a few hours ago has also rocked social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook. The quake measured 3.9. This article has compared the 2011 San Francisco earthquake to another 22-years ago, which apparently took place almost exactly … [Read more...]

Mexico Turn To Social Media In Announcing Earthquake Alerts


From time to time, here at OSM we bring you news about the use of social media and how it can affect everyone of us. Whether its an organisation trying to promote a brand with the use of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or even YouTube, or you the user, accessing the information, … [Read more...]

Japan Nuclear Power Plants (TEPCO): Twitter Account News


Since the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11 we’ve been telling you about some of the response from the social media and tech spheres and just some of our posts have been about AT&T; offering free calls to Japan, Apple’s Steve Jobs sending an e-mail offering his thoughts … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Sends Thoughts & Help to Apple Japan


The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has shown the best and the worst of people. Following the terrible tragedy with numerous loss of life we told about how some internet fraudsters were taking advantage by setting up bogus donation sites, but we have also shown how people have come together in this … [Read more...]

Prime Minister’s Office Japan & Twitter English Quake Updates


Since the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan this week we’ve been bringing you social media news about the situation, such as how Facebook Causes is helping out and also how tweets from Tokyo just after the quake hit, reached a record 1,200 per minute. Now we have news of how the … [Read more...]

Internet Fraudsters Hit Japan Tsunami Donators


Since the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami hit the North East coast of Japan on Friday, the news understandingly has been rife on the internet with every TV channel, radio station and so on giving us updates on the plight of the Japanese people. We brought you news when the disaster first hit reporting … [Read more...]

AT&T Offering Free Calls to Japan Following Tsunami Disaster


Since the terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan last week, here at OSM we’ve been reporting on various social media and tech news to do with the disaster. It often becomes evident how people come together to help at times of crisis and this time’s it’s giant phone carrier, AT&T; who … [Read more...]

Japan Quake & Tsunami News: Facebook Click for Rescue Dogs


The devastating earthquake and consequent tsunami in Japan has caused worldwide concern as sadly, the death toll increasingly rises. We told previously how many celebrities had turned to Twitter to offer condolences and thoughts and now more attention is being focused on how we can help the people … [Read more...]

Japanese Quake & Tsunami 2011: Celebrities Respond on Twitter


Today we have seen the tragic events unfolding in Japan as first a massive earthquake hit the region, followed by a deadly tsunami. Earlier today we told how people in the country reached out through Twitter as many phones were down, with Tweets reaching a rate of 1,200 per minute. Celebrities are … [Read more...]

Twitter Japan Quake Tsunami Hits Record 1,200 Tweet Per Minute


Social networking site Twitter as we know acts as a fantastic lifeline between users, be it for sending messages (tweets) between one another or sourcing information. This has been even more apparent in the last few hours when a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit the North East coast … [Read more...]

New Zealand Earthquake: Twitter, Facebook & Google Help Details


Here at OSM we’ve often reported on how social media comes into its own at times of crisis and emergency, such as the Chile earthquake last year, the Boulder Colorado wildfires and also the New Zealand earthquake in Christchurch that struck last September. Another powerful earthquake has now struck … [Read more...]

Twitter and social media use in New Zealand earthquake disaster


Social media seems to have more and more of a part to play at times of crisis as it’s an easy way to spread the word about what’s happening with a situation and giving out information when the usual options have been made difficult. We’ve heard before of its use after an earthquake and also … [Read more...]

Vanuatu Earthquake Generates Tsunami: Twitter latest

Vanuatu Earthquake Tsunami Alert- Twitter latest

Yesterday there was a Tsunami alert put in place following the 7.5 magnitude Vanuatu Earthquake. In the video below you can see a news report detailing the quake and the fears that a mini-tsunami could be generated, and while looking at twitter to get the most updated news, a Tsunami did form. … [Read more...]

Earthquake Hits Maryland: Twitter Updates

Earthquake Hits Maryland- Twitter Updates

An earthquake with a 3.6-magnitude has hit near Gaithersburg, Maryland this morning, which is 20 miles northwest of Washington. It is reported that this is the largest in the region since 1974 with over 5,000 residents of Maryland saying that they felt the shake. … [Read more...]

South California Earthquake: L.A. Celebs Hit Twitter


You will all have heard by now of the 5.4 magnitude earthquake that hit southern California yesterday and if there’s one thing guaranteed to get a reaction out of people, it’s an earthquake. Also of course southern California is full of famous actors, writers, performers and TV presenters and the … [Read more...]

Twitter and Facebook during Earthquakes: “I’m Ok”

Twitter and Facebook During Earthquakes

While some people may not like the concept of social networking, others believe it is a godsend. This is especially so when things like earthquakes occur. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter come in really handy during earthquakes, to let your friends and family know you’re OK. … [Read more...]

Meditation guru Apologizes for California / Mexico Earthquake on Twitter

Mexico Earthquake on Twitter

We recently reported that Twitter was being used to share comments and images of the damage caused by the earthquake that hit California and Mexico. We have just learned that a meditation guru has turned to the micro-blogging site to apologize for causing the 7.2-magnitude earthquake. … [Read more...]

Twitter Tells Story: Earthquake Damage in Mexicali

Twitter Tells Story- Earthquake Damage in Mexicali

An earthquake with a magnitude-7.2 has hit Baja California, and could be felt from San Diego to Mexicali to Phoenix. As you would expect some damage was done – but not as much as bad as it had been feared. Thankfully early reports suggest that casualties were low. … [Read more...]

Philippines Earthquake: Twitter Manila Commotion

Philippines Earthquake Twitter Manila Commotion

According to reports from Associated Press, an earthquake measuring 6.2-magnitude has recently struck just west of Manila in the Philippines. This is just the latest temblor in what appears to be a particularly earthquake heavy few months for the world. … [Read more...]