MuttMate is a must for the modern social netwoofer!

MuttMate is a must for the modern social netwoofer! pic 2

MuttMate’s founder, Sarah Edwards, really was barking up the right tree when she created a unique social netwoofing site for dogs and their owners. Already 20% of UK pets have social media profiles on sites such as Facebook and 90% of owners admit to sharing pet photos online. The pet market has … [Read more...]

Digital Impact Awards 2014 social media winners

Digital Impact Awards 2014 social media winners pic 1

The Digital Impact Awards 2014 social media winners have been announced, and for the 5th time now the digital and creative industry around the United Kingdom got together to celebrate the Awards. The use of social media made a massive stamp at the Digital Impact Awards 2014, especially across the … [Read more...]

Niume social media circles but not G Plus

Niume social media circles but not G Plus

Social media apparently has one major drawback, users have to wait for followers to be noticed. Niume, is a new interest-based social network, which has been created as a neat solution to this problem. Niume has social media circles, but they are not G Plus circles - so what are they then? Niume … [Read more...]

Forget Facebook join exclusive Netropolitan Club

Forget Facebook join exclusive Netropolitan Club

Facebook is free, yes you do get ads, games, annoying status messages about people’s days, but it’s free. You could forget Facebook and join ‘The Netropolitan Club’, but there is a snag of about $9000. The Netropolitan Club is an exclusive global online community for the rich, if you want to join … [Read more...]

Teens dumping social networking sites is not a worry

Making the world better with social media

New reports are in suggesting teens are dumping social networking sites, those being dumped include traditional sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc in favour of SnapChat, Instagram, Tumblr and many more. A survey by GlobalWebIndex revealed Snapchat being one of the top favoured services to be … [Read more...]

National Autism Network social platform without set-up restrictions

National Autism Network social platform without set-up restrictions

There are so many social media sites out there such as Facebook, Twitter etc but none of them really cater for autism. This is where the National Autism Network social site can help; children with Autism could have many professionals supporting him/her such as doctors, teachers and many more. … [Read more...]

Alana Blanchard surfer girl vs social media

Alana Blanchard surfer girl vs social media

There are millions of surfers around the world trying to catch the next big wave, which is a little like social networkers trying to catch as many followers they deserve. One surfer girl sticks out in our mind a lot, and her name is Alana Blanchard This is what we would call social media vs … [Read more...]

Quitting social media not that easy

Quitting social media not that easy

Back in the 80’s when I was a teenager there was no such thing as smartphones and social media websites, Facebook for example was only born 10 years ago. We did not miss these networks back then because we did not know about them – So would we miss them now? Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the … [Read more...]

Social media vs intimate bedroom frolics shock

Social media vs intimate bedroom frolics shock

A new survey was conducted that showed Social media vs intimate bedroom frolics, and the results are kind of a shock. Results came in after the UK study that has seen the first signs of decline in bedroom frolics, and this has been put down to social networking. If social media becomes the new … [Read more...]

The Faces of Facebook is pointless fun

Faces of Facebook is pointless fun

There are over 1.2 billion people on Facebook and it is climbing at a rapid rate, it is one of the most busiest social network sites out there. Have you ever wondered where you were on the list of when you joined number wise? There is a new website that allows you to see the billion faces on … [Read more...]

When mobile meets social media

When mobile meets social media

Smartphones have had a huge impact on the viewing habits of mobile users across the world, and now more people than ever before are consuming social media on the move. Social media is an invention, which has changed the way people communicate and absorb information. While it means there is less … [Read more...]

Social Media “charity giving” Twitter users give more


Although many of us know how popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become, they are still overlooked with what they can achieve for individuals, businesses, charities and so on. The use of social media as its known, is a subject we touch on from time to time, and as well as giving you … [Read more...]

M5 crash Twitter reacts


People around the country are waking to news of a terrible incident that happened on the M5 last night. At 8.30pm 27 vehicles were involved in a collision on the busy motorway near Taunton Somerset, which left cars and lorries ablaze. … [Read more...]

Social media engages 700,000 Coca-Cola staff


Social media and its use is now becoming a popular tool for the individual and for organisations big or small. When we talk about social media, we are often referring to the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or even professional site LinkedIn and how their use can in the long … [Read more...]

President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign socially


The social media frenzy is being taken up by a whole host of people even within the world of politics. Today it’s the turn of a campaign that is hoped to bring success to President Obama’s 2012 presidential popularity. Back in 2008, a large percentage of Obama’s fan base was of the younger … [Read more...]

Social Media assisting Turkey earthquake victims


In light of the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake that ripped through the country of Turkey, bringing with it complete carnage, a rising death toll of which could be 1,000 with many left homeless, its been asked whether enough had and is being done for victims. Here at OSM, we have spoken about how … [Read more...]

Criminals Analyze Social Media Pinpointing Victims


In the past, here at OSM we've been keen to share articles with you in relation to the world of social media. When we talk about this very subject, we are of course highlighting the use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, professional site LinkedIn, YouTube and so on. Individuals and … [Read more...]

Social Media Changing “Death Penalty” Or “Political” Views


Here at OSM, we often write articles on the subject of social media and the way in which sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been taken on by millions of people globally. For some users, one site over the other may be more favourable or there may be a percentage of you who use both. In the … [Read more...]

Survey Shows Social Media Incentive Assists Rich Purchases


Social media as its known has gained in popularity and many people, whether its individuals or organisations are starting to take it on and hopefully see its benefits. Here at OSM our news varies on a day to day basis, whether its giving you the readers, updates to the latest devices in the tech … [Read more...]

Social Media Election Campaigns: Politicians Benefit?


One of the topics we often bring you news on, is that of “social media” and the way in which it is being used in today's society. By way of networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others such as LinkedIn and Foursquare, individuals as well as organisations are reaping from its benefits. … [Read more...]

Social Media Engage “Discovery Channel” Users


For as long as we can remember, we have been bringing you news on the world of what is classed as “social media” and the way in which it can help individuals or organisations. Of course with the positives come the negatives but from past articles, it seems that social media when used in the correct … [Read more...]

Facebook Branding Interaction: Used More Than Others


Online social networking site Facebook has its many uses, but do we ever consider using it to follow a favorite brand or specific product. In the past here at OSM, we've been keen to bring you updates via the world of what's known as social media and its presence across the internet. Individuals … [Read more...]

Daily Deals Infographic by the Numbers: Who’s Using What & How


Although we recently reported about Facebook finishing its Deals product in the coming weeks it doesn’t seem as though it was any reflection on the Deals market as a whole, as the marketplace is still attracting millions of people daily. Today we have news for you of an infographic that shows the … [Read more...]

Twitter Bags Some Beautiful Balls: Ice-Cream Trends


Online social networking site Twitter may not have quite beaten its rival Facebook in terms of user numbers, but its having a pretty good go. Figures are now equating to over 200 million and as well as the likes of you and me accessing the site, celebrity figures are as well. Articles we've … [Read more...]

Facebook Revenues 2011: First Half of Year Sees Double


Facebook remains a hot topic here at OSM and just recently we’ve told how the company has now had one trillion pageviews and no, that’s not a misprint. Although the company recently announced an end for the Facebook Deals marketing tool it doesn’t appear to be a reflection of the popular social … [Read more...]