Snopes Facebook privacy 2015 explained

Snopes Facebook privacy 2015 explained pic 1

You are on Facebook and you see "Privacy Alert Notice" within your News feed, but was you one to copy and paste it onto your timeline? Does it really protect your privacy and data? Of course it doesn’t, we had already reported yesterday about Facebook better safe than sorry post. No one knows … [Read more...]

LinkedIn privacy policy, user agreement now effective

LinkedIn privacy policy, new tools from Oct 23

As of yesterday October 23, 2014, LinkedIn revised its versions of its Privacy Policy and User Agreement. By continuing on LinkedIn its means you agree to these revised documents, so please take a few minutes to read and understand them. Visit the LinkedIn blog to learn what these changes mean to … [Read more...]

4Chan, Fappening prompts Facebook photo protection

4Chan, Fappening prompts Facebook photo protection

Since the 4Chan and The Fappening scandal of celebrity photos being hacked, privacy has become a major concern. And, with millions of photos being shared on Facebook on a daily basis images can be stolen and used. The question is, “How many of you know if your Facebook photo has been … [Read more...]

Google Plus business privacy with restricted communities

Google Plus business privacy with restricted communities

Google has now added a new feature within its Google Plus privacy controls to allows business users more security, if they prefer to share sensitive information on the social network and want to have peace of mind on being secure then please read on. In Google Plus there is a new feature called … [Read more...]

Baffled Facebook users, changes bring chaos


Although Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is growing in user numbers by the day and behind Google is the next searched for website, users are becoming increasingly frustrated by the changes made in relation to data security settings. … [Read more...]

Facebook passwords include favorite football teams


Online social networking site Facebook since its early days has now racked up over 800 million users and the figure is continually growing. One issue that crops up time and time again is that of privacy and how information at times has and is still falling into the wrong hands. … [Read more...]

Facebook Prepares For Huge Privacy Overhaul: Permission To Tag


One of the biggest criticisms of Facebook is the way it deals with privacy. You will be pleased to know that the site is on the verge now of a dramatic overhaul which will see a number of changes to the site, helping those who are exposed by the current settings. The update is expected to be … [Read more...]

How To Use Google+ Security And Privacy Settings

Change Google+ Settings

One of the biggest drawbacks for Facebook is its overcomplicated and difficult to use privacy and security settings. People struggle through many different menus in order to try and prevent any and every company, application and malicious user from getting hold of their precious data. We even see … [Read more...]

How To Opt Out Of Facebook Auto-Tagging Facial Recognition


We recently reported an article about how Facebook Auto-Tagging for your photos has gone live globally and also that it’s got a few privacy concerns attached to it. These are currently only concerns as nothing lucrative has been told of and Facebook has admitted that they perhaps should have told … [Read more...]

Facebook Minimum Age Scrapped: Zuckerberg Right?


As we all know and as we previously reported, Facebook and its sign up procedure is open to misuse. More and more under-age users are signing up every day falsely inputting their age to clear themselves of the 13-year old age bracket. … [Read more...]

Facebook & Children: Are Parents Supervising Enough?


Social networking is part and parcel of our everyday lives, with sites like Facebook growing more prominent, even companies are turning to the sites in order to enhance and promote their businesses. But while a large majority of the population use Facebook to keep in touch and communicate with … [Read more...]

Twitpic Photos: Clarification Over Who Owns What


When you are using social media and social networking sites there are aspects of it that you don’t even think twice about. Think about the last time you had a great night out and took lots of pictures and uploaded them to your Facebook profile for all your friends to laugh at you in your state after … [Read more...]

Social Media & “WhoSay” Gain Celebrity Image Trust


Social networking site Twitter is still proving one of the most popular sites behind that of Facebook. In terms of numbers, the site which coincidentally set up in 2006, is now seeing some 200 million users, with some 800,000 search queries per day. People include the everyday person as well as … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Gamers Unite In Rage: Security Breach Announced Sooner?


As the Sony PSN outage continues from last Wednesday 20th April, many gamers are feeling not only a huge wave of disappointment but now it seems pure rage. This no doubt stems from finding out that the PSN downtime is due to hackers invading the service, which in turn could have compromised users … [Read more...]

Facebook Teachers vs Students: No Contact Advised


Online social networking site Facebook is proving quite the contender in terms of subscribers. Rivals against Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, Mark Zuckerberg's site now sees a whooping 600 million active users. For many, the site offers a way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, get invited … [Read more...]

Internet Companies take on French Authorities Over Data Policy


One of the major concerns about the Internet is privacy issues and once again the subject of privacy has reared its head. Today we have heard that major Internet companies are about to take on the French authorities in a case about a personal data policy. … [Read more...]

Your New Facebook Friend: Real Or Fake? How To Tell


Is a stunning woman or man trying to add you as a friend to Facebook? Have you ever thought that they might not actually be a real person? Well there are some tell tale signs that you may not know about so we wanted to report to you all on how to tell if your new Facebook friends is real or fake, … [Read more...]

The Top Facebook Excuses For Ignoring Privacy Settings


When it comes to Facebook and the privacy settings most people are pretty cautious and set them how they want to but not everybody does. Mike Smith posted an interesting article about protecting your identity on Social Media sites that you can read by clicking here … [Read more...]

Why Do Some Big Celebrity Names Choose To Avoid Facebook?


In this day and age, social networking sites have become a part of a person's existence, in some cases accessing your Facebook, Twitter or Bebo accounts on a regular basis could be seen to some as an unhealthy pastime. Whatever people's opinions are towards the use of networking sites, for the time … [Read more...]

2011 Safer Internet Day Promotes Safe Online Usage


Today, it is difficult to ignore that the world wide web has virtually taken over our everyday lives. The internet has become a sanctuary for billions of users globally every day of the week, sites consist of private, public, business orientated, educational and so on, and as well as this, an … [Read more...]

Google’s $5 Million on Lobbyists: Privacy advocates worried


We have recently noted the growing impact of social media upon politics and two weeks ago reported on the fact that Google was protecting its interests by using lobbying in California to oppose a Social Network Privacy act. Now we’ve seen some news that illustrates exactly how seriously Google is … [Read more...]

Facebook Protects its Interests with Lobbying in California

Screen shot 2011-01-13 at 12.04.50

Over recent years Facebook has gained more relevance and also influence over day-to-day life and earlier today we asked whether it was taking over our lives. Well, it seems that the popular social networking site is also increasingly influencing the political sphere as well. … [Read more...]

Facebook and Twitter: Where Is Your Information?

Facebook and Twitter- Where Is Your Information

Millions of us each day go on to such sites as Facebook and Twitter along with a host of other social networking services, but have you ever stopped to consider what happens to all your information? Well Robert Faletra from CRN has, so has decided to offer us a greater insight into this. … [Read more...]

Facebook And Privacy Laws In South Korea – Violations


Although online social networking site Facebook is growing in popularity, it has definitely had it's fair share of issues surrounding that of “privacy.” Today we are again reporting on this very same problem but with what appears to be a breech of non compliance with South Korean privacy laws. … [Read more...]

Diaspora: Preview and Walkthrough of the Facebook Alternative


Yesterday here at OSM, Tim reported on a new site Diaspora, and how it would be a stiff contender with the likes of networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The new site has been worked on and developed by four NYC University students with the hope that they would be able to give something … [Read more...]