The Facebook trawl now standard practice for new bosses

The Facebook trawl now standard practice for new bosses pic 1

74% Look candidates up on social media. Could your social media profile cost you your dream job? The Facebook trawl is now 'standard' practice for new bosses because inappropriate photographs, statements and behaviour on Facebook could be costing candidates any chance of finding a job, as the trawl … [Read more...]

Facebook login bringing ads away from home page


The majority of Facebook users might login through the website home page, or even on Android and iOS apps, but there's still thousands that access the Facebook login through 3rd party websites and the company know this all too well. It looks like Facebook will be targeting ads to their users … [Read more...]

Scottish Independence Referendum results drive tweets


The Scottish Independence Referendum results are in and they are driving tweet numbers up in the UK today. Everyone is giving their opinion on the result, which has basically meant Scotland will stay part of the United Kingdom, as the public poll rejected independence from the UK. There's those … [Read more...]

Facebook Create New Account page misleads


It's clear some people can still benefit from setting up pages on social networks with popular search terms, as we've seen with one Facebook "Create New Account" page that seems to be misleading some people when looking to create a new Facebook account. We've seen a few tweets in relation to this … [Read more...]

Yahoo Mail security makes users question privacy

Yahoo Mail is down with server failure

The Yahoo Mail sign in issues we highlighted earlier in the week received a massive response from our readers, although within that feedback we noticed a number of people were concerned about the Yahoo Mail security process that aims to protect users from hackers and other problems. This … [Read more...]

Argos UK down during product update


The website is currently down in a planned maintenance that will see thousands of new products added to the popular UK shopping destination. If you're experiencing any other problems with their apps, or other services, then this might be related to the outage and should all return to … [Read more...]

Kim Jong-un dance parody video causes outrage


The latest Kim Jong-un dance parody video landing on YouTube has caused outrage from North Korea, and of course this would be expected after taking a look at this now viral video thanks to the funny antics. We've embedded the Kim Jong-un dance video below that currently has a few hundred thousand … [Read more...]

Commonwealth Games medal table with social buzz

Glasgow Commonwealth Games road closures map with PDF

The first day of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has led to an early look at the medal table along with the standings being talked about across social networks. Both the official Twitter and Facebook channels are being updated every few hours with news being met with discussion, although all within … [Read more...]

New Elite Broadstairs dance academy starts social campaign


Most marketers will have a different view on how to start a social media marketing campaign and some will even believe everything should be in place before you promote online. Personally, we'd have to disagree and Elite Dance Academy is starting how the majority should by going social early … [Read more...]

Malaysia plane crash today in Ukraine


The Malaysia Airlines plane crash today in Ukraine has received its first statement, which was shared on the official Twitter channel for MAS (Malaysia Airlines). The first response explained that they lost contact with MH17 after it left Amsterdam, and the last reported position was in Ukrainian … [Read more...]

Comcast users complain Internet down or slow

Comcast Internet outage with map of problem areas

It has been a couple of months since we've heard about any real problems with Comcast down, but today users are complaining about Internet outage or very slow connections when browsing websites. The last major issue we published details on took place in May, and this also came with an outage map … [Read more...]

Netflix streaming quality poor for some


Netflix isn't down today based on our last check, but you won't need to look far to see a lot of users complaining about Netflix streaming quality being poor and this in some cases might be due to the company themselves. We say "some" thanks to a number of tests and polls we've run over the last … [Read more...]

LinkedIn vs Facebook in social stocks

LinkedIn vs Facebook in social stocks

A couple of days ago Facebook was hacked and a hacker named Abhibandu was paid by the social media site, the payout was down to the hacker discovering how easy it was to hack unverified Facebook accounts. The problem occurred when the hacker hacked into unverified accounts on Facebook, so when … [Read more...]

Facebook autoplay UK video ads won’t suck data

Facebook autoplay UK video ads will suck data

If you live in the UK then be prepared to see Facebook autoplay ads as they are releasing in the coming weeks, do not worry because they will not eat into your data. The Facebook autoplay video ads according to Marketing Week will automatically play when you scroll down to them, even if you do … [Read more...]

Thailand Army declares martial law and social media suspension

Thailand Army declares martial law and social media suspension

Thailand's armed forces have declared martial law and reports said they want to suspend all online and social media deemed inflammatory. They are asking for cooperation from these entities to censor any messages leading to unrest or statements critical of the army's operations. Events were … [Read more...]

Twitter viral hashtags of Arsenal FA Cup final winners

Twitter hashtag reach of Arsenal FA Cup final winners

Many Arsenal fans are over the moon at the moment with wide smiles still showing after winning the FA Cup 2014. The Arsenal vs Hull City game saw the Gunners winning 3 - 2 giving them the FA Cup trophy, since their win Arsenal related Twitter hashtags have gone viral. The Gunners took to an … [Read more...]

New Gmail redesign leaves Google speechless

New Gmail redesign leaves Google speechless

Google is all about being clean with nice lines, they have already achieved this with Search, Google Plus, Gmail and many more products, but a new Gmail redesign update could make things even more simplified. There are rumors of Google being in the process of redesigning Gmail, which will be … [Read more...]

LinkedIn stocks down, should investors worry

LinkedIn stocks down, should investors worry

LinkedIn’s first quarter earnings and revenues are in with some suggesting this could be a slight worry for investors, the wonder lies if they should be spending over one hundred times more on 2014 earnings for such growth engine. At $0.38 per share earnings attuned the basis and revenue was up … [Read more...]

London Tube Strike latest news and tweet responses

London Tube Strike latest news and tweet responses

Those that travel using the London underground will be somewhat annoyed with the latest news of the ongoing strike by Tube workers, Londoners are having serious problems with getting to work Twitter has gone crazy with tweet responses and a Tube Map for walking was created. The 48-hour Tube … [Read more...]

Google Plus Notifications update stands out with titles

Google Plus Notifications update stands out with titles

Google Plus not so long ago released its new notifications update, which looks so much cleaner and has more elements. Before the Google Plus notifications panel showed how many +1s a post or photo had, but now it only shows who +1'd it. So for example if we opened our G Plus notification panel it … [Read more...]

LinkedIn in India boasts 24m users

LinkedIn in India boasts 24m users

LinkedIn has over 270 million member across the world, 50 million of them come from the Asia Pacific region making the professional networking site very successful indeed. 24 million LinkedIn users come from India, Indonesia has over 2 million users and the same again for the Philippines, China … [Read more...]

Pinterest login reveals design overhaul

Pinterest login reveals design overhaul - explore more pins

Pinterest has just had another major design overhaul; this time round the redesign looks great but will take some getting used to. The social pinning site have added a few new things of late, the last being the new Pinterest recipe search filter, which included the new indulge me button – read … [Read more...]

Sonam Kapoor bikini shots in Bewakoofiyaan trailer, Facebook

Sonam Kapoor bikini shots in Bewakoofiyaan trailer, Facebook

The new movie called Bewakoofiyaan is being released March 14, and this movie is becoming a sensation after the official YouTube trailer went live on February 6, 2014 showing the beautiful actress Sonam Kapoor in a hot bikini. The official Sonam Kapoor Facebook profile has over 5.7 million likes … [Read more...]

Twitter redesign test shows Facebook, Google+ likeness

Twitters new redesign looks familiar

On the 4th of February Twitter gave its site a revamp and the layout looks hot, but now it seems a new redesign is being tested and a few are seeing the update. Matt Petronzio via Mashable noticed that his Twitter profile page was totally different than when he last logged in, the editor noticed … [Read more...]

Google Plus public profile of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed

Google Plus public profile of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed

So many people say that Google Plus is not the best social media-networking site to be on, but we beg to dither. The likes of Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has started his public profile. G Plus is a growing phenomenon that is growing very fast indeed and so much so His Highness Shaikh … [Read more...]