Xbox 720 carries on consoles 10 year reign


Break out the cake and candles, as Microsoft’s console king celebrates its 10th birthday, and what a journey its been for the main rival to Sony’s PlayStation. It was back in 2001 when the Nintendo 64 and PS2 had the gaming market in their pockets, this was all about to end though with … [Read more...]

Facebook app for Dance Central 2

The popularity of dance-based games has seen an influx of new releases, with new versions coming out, the need to add that little something extra to entice gamers is all important. In conjunction with Dance Central 2, Microsoft Studios has released just that. … [Read more...]

Xbox Live account prohibited if caught playing MW3 early

With its upcoming release, Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3 will be one of the most popular games of 2011, alongside Battlefield 3 and of course Gran Turismo 5. Destined to hit the US on November 8th, with platforms available such as the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC, we can now give you further news … [Read more...]

Download Full FIFA 12 On Xbox Live Tomorrow- EA Subscribers

FIFA 12 is out in a week and football fans all over the world must be itching with excitement. EA claim that this year's edition will be the best and most advanced ever, the demo backing up these comments. Do you want to play the full version of the game tomorrow? Well you can, because EA are … [Read more...]

Xbox Live Will Be Integrated With Windows 8

We brought you some news recently regarding next years Windows 8 launch. It turned out that Microsoft are considering launching their own branded Windows 8 tablets next year, in an attempt to catch Apple and Android who are running away with the tab trade. We now know that Microsoft will be … [Read more...]

Free Xbox Live While PSN Down: Microsoft Incentive?

While the PSN remains down as it has for some time now many people have been toying with the idea of a switch of hardware from the PlayStation 3 over to the Xbox 360. There have been simply comments by the where people are letting rip at Sony over their security being breached to the point where … [Read more...]

Microsoft Security Alert: Phishing Attempts On Xbox 360 MW2

While Sony and the PSN is struggling with the compromise of their network and now their online PC world has been hit too, they aren’t the only ones that are hitting a bit of a bumpy patch. Of course any sort of security alert will be taken a lot more seriously by gamers and users alike because … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Rectification: New Efforts To Oversee Security

Sony's PlayStation Secure Network (PSN) has been down since Wednesday 20th April and although things seem to be moving along in terms of getting the service back up and running, many gamers are still feeling somewhat disappointed. News that followed from Sony's conference gave millions a long … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Continues: Time To Go From PS3 To Xbox 360?

So let’s just recap on what we know in terms of what Sony has told us, firstly the PSN went down on Wednesday the 20th we were all outraged and thought that it was perhaps some kind of unplanned outage and when the service didn’t resume within the next day people started to wonder what was going … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPad Gets 4OD Update- Xbox Live Next?

For those of you who own an iPad and love catch up TV, you should be very pleased with this next bit of news. Channel 4's on demand service 4OD is now available on Apple's tablets, and there is a good chance that the service could soon be coming to Xbox Live. … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Affected: Words Of Advice To Keep Protected

Sony's PSN outage has been down since last Wednesday 20th April thanks to the service being hacked, and as well as gamers not being able to access it, users are now faced with the threat of having their credit/debit card, address and phone number information falling into the wrong hands. … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Deeper Problem: Tuesday Service Resumed?

With one day leading into another and a good percentage of you sat there wondering whether the Sony PSN will ever be resumed, then news from an unnamed source has stated that the service may be up and running in the next day or to. … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Misery Continues: Xbox Live Chosen Option

As we start off yet another day, and that of Easter Sunday, many of you no doubt were hoping for a miracle in that the Sony PlayStation Network Outage had been sorted out giving you the benefit of having some hardcore gaming session. Unfortunately not!Yesterday we posed the question whether … [Read more...]

Young Lad Runs Up Xbox LIVE Bill Of Over £1000- Mum Furious

We all know that gaming is one of the most entertaining, popular and expensive pastimes to do nowadays. However this next case really does exaggerate the word expensive in the limitless world of gaming. … [Read more...]

HTC 7 Pro Handset: Release January 2011?


With what seems like a release many months ago, Windows 7 along with its handsets and carriers, is proving to be a popular choice amongst those of you opting to purchase a new mobile device. So far since October, launched HTC WP7 handsets include the HTC 7 Trophy, the Surround, the Mozart and the … [Read more...]

COD Black Ops: Dell Cyber Monday Xbox 360 Deals

We have a deal fit for any soldier right here for you, because Dell are offering a great bargain which gamers are going to love! Treyarch's newest Call Of Duty game: Black Ops and an Xbox LIVE 3 Months Gold Subscription Card are on offer for $70. … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7: Not long now


Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows Phone 7 is set for release very soon as the mobile OS reached the release to manufacturing stage, it was announced. According to Mashable the device is being tipped for an October release, although there is no official date. Next month is the most likely time … [Read more...]