Xbox Live status with purchasing, content usage

There seems to be issues with Xbox Live at the moment and social media networks are being inundated with complaints that gamers Xbox Live status issues seems to be with purchasing and content usage. Has the Phantom Squad already struck?

Xbox Live problems with purchasing, content Usage pic 2

What is your Xbox One and 360 live status? There are many complaints coming in right now, one comment via Is Down Right Now USA states, “Microsoft have just updated its Xbox Live status page saying there are issues buying downloadable items. They also mention problems with purchasing content for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Halo 5 through the games store.”

So we looked over at the official Xbox Live Status website and they do seem to be having issues with buying downloadable items as well as items you already have purchased. Some players may be experiencing problems with playing games or media that they have already bought, Microsoft are aware of this and are sorting it out right now.

Another user over on Twitter said they had the Xbox Live error code 0x87de0017, has anyone else had this? This seems to happen when gamers have tried to launch an Xbox One game.

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  • Simon

    Xbox Live is down in London and I have just got the error code 0x87de0017 pop up on me, what does this mean exactly?

  • Larry

    I am down on Georgia, when launching any game it crashes.


    0x87de0017, lets see…. yup here it is… wasting my damn money code.

  • Cody Schuck

    This is bull why have an Xbox if it doesn’t work getting same code