Phantom Squad Twitter back with Lizard Squad threat

Just under a week ago we reported a possibility of new hackers Phantom Squad taking down PSN and Xbox Live on Christmas Day, then literally one day later on December 18 the groups Twitter account was taken offline. It was then just one day later on the 19th they made a Twitter comeback with a new account called @phantoms1quad1 with this time not threatening the gaming world but instead Lizard Squad aka @LizardLands.

Phantom Squad Twitter back with Lizard Squad threat pic 2

Phantom Squad did make a few threats and then not long after Xbox Live went down as reported here, and with threats towards Microsoft and Sony over the Christmas period. When you visit now you will be prompted with a message saying, “Account suspended. This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline.’

Obviously Twitter did not like what they saw, promoting online attacks and taking down the likes of PSN and Xbox Live are not what Twitter wants promoted on its microblog. The Phantom Squad claimed the rights to taking down Xbox Live and then one day later it is good night to the hackers Twitter account.

But hey, now they are back with @phantoms1quad1. There first tweet on Dec 19 was a simple hashtag with #PhantomSquad, then the second was a poll asking, which one they should take down being PSN and Xbox Live, with the first day stats saying 57% wanting PSN taken down and 43% Xbox. But it looks like Phantom Squad are letting Microsoft and Sony off the hook after they tweeted, “We are not going to attack PSN or XBOX we will Take down @LizardLands for you guys so have a great Christmas Merry Christmas #PhantomSquad”.

Do you think Phantom Squad will take down Lizard Squad or do you think Lizard Squad will take down Xbox Live and PSN?

Phantom Squad Twitter back with Lizard Squad threat pic 1

  • Jason

    Phantom Squad seems to threaten everyone such as Lizard Squad, Xbox Live, PSN, even YouTube and other Twitter accounts, but all they ever do is let every one off saying they will leave them alone. Yeah right, they are Lizard Squad wannabes.

  • Aye aye

    these niggas cant come at my squad the least the can do is flag are twitter and twitter suspends are account

  • Spud

    well all i can say thank u phantom squad hoping they’ll keep there word