Facebook profile picture of French Flag shows support

Facebook is allowing users to change their profile picture with a French Flag overlay to show your support for the country that was attacked yesterday. Sadly people lost their lives and thousands are mourning on social media sites such as Facebook.

You can have the temporary French flag overlay on your Facebook right now, when you open your newsfeed you will see under other peoples profile pics a “Try It” button under their photo.

Facebook profile picture of French Flag shows support pic 2

How to change the Facebook profile picture to a French flag is rather simple, when you go to your news feed and see the “Try It” button just click it. If you cannot see the button just visit here and then follow the link there to use any of your photos with the flag overlay.

We cannot see any direct link as Facebook hasn’t yet released a dedicated URL, you will only see it under friends status messages or by using the link above. Just click on the link, which will allow you to use the filter, simply follow the on-screen instructions. You can use your current profile photo or just choose any of your others, you can then choose how long you want it to stay up for, never, 1 week, 1 day or 1 hour.

Have you changed your Facebook profile photo to use with the French flag overlay to show support?

Facebook French flag removal causes confusion

  • Malay Dinda

    Malay dinda

    • Malay Dinda

      Malay Dinda

  • john zeliang

    There is no such try it button in mobile version! If anyone share me the link or info for mobile

  • Valerie Tohill

    How do we get it off our profile picture now?