Cox Internet Outage with Connection Error 3305 (504)

Hundreds of customers are facing a few issues with a Cox Internet outage at the moment. Many of them are seeing an on-screen error message pop up - Is anyone getting a Cox Connection Error 3305 (504) message pop up when they try to access the Internet?

The main areas of concern with the Cox Internet being down include Phoenix and Arizona among a few other areas, but it is these two where most complaints are coming from.

Users have contacted Cox tech support over on the official @CoxHelp Twitter page, this is whee you can read many tweets of complaints from it’s customers.

Is Cox Internet Down For You?

If you look at the screenshot below you will see this tweet was posted 4 hours ago, some are still coming in. But the reply from Cox confirms there is some sort of maintenance going on.

Cox Internet Outage with Connection Error 3305 (504)

  • Jason

    Internet has been down for me in Avondale for some time now. Is there a fix anytime soon?

  • Billy

    I am in Laveen, AZ and its been down for me since like 12:30.