Game UK plans Black Friday Xbox One, PS4 deals

Game UK plans Black Friday Xbox One, PS4 deals pic 2

The UK last year of 2014 decided to take on the Black Friday sales, in some cases it did not go to plan like retailers expected. January of this year Game UK (Game Digital) issues a profit warning thanks to vast Black Friday competition, so much so many games were given away to sell … [Read more...]

PS4 v2.50 update with Suspend/Resume problems

PS4 v2.50 update with Suspend/Resume problems

The new PS4 v2.50 firmware update is now live and ready to download, just turn your gaming console on and you will see the 245.2MB update. But there seems to be a little problem with the Suspend/Resume functionality on certain games, such as Killzone. Because the patch is so small it will take no … [Read more...]

FIFA 15 update for PS4 on March 9

FIFA 15 update for PS4 on March 9 pic 3

The latest FIFA 15 update has gone live on PS4, as of March 9, and the 1.05 patch notes can be seen either on your system or by visiting Product Reviews. You can see exactly what changes have been made with this update by looking at the screenshot; this is rather interesting when you look … [Read more...]

PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update

PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update

No official, PlayStation Twitter updates have been reported as of yet, but it seems the PSN is down once again. Gamers are taking to Twitter to vent their anger out that they cannot access the PlayStation network, but this could be due to the latest PS4 2.04 update going live. Many gamers are … [Read more...]

PSN being down angers PS4 Destiny players

PSN status shows its down on July 3

The PlayStation Network seems to be having a few issues at the moment, and even though many gamers are complaining of the service being down the PSN service status says ‘Intermittently available’. PlayStation are aware of the issues, they report that PS4 users may be experiencing problems when … [Read more...]

White Night PS4 game trailer and release date

White Night PS4 game trailer and release date pic 1

A new 1930s based noir-era storytelling horror game is being released next month; the game is called ‘White Night’ and provides a mixture of exploration, puzzle-solving and third-person action within one single game. Is this the sign of old-school survival? Players will be immersed into a game … [Read more...]

PlayStation Network maintenance prime time disaster complaints

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime pic 1

Complaints are coming in about the PlayStation Network being down, but reminders have been sent out via social media and support pages that it is just a scheduled PSN maintenance update. The PSN maintenance was scheduled to last for about 4 hours from 9 AM to 1 PM Pacific Time, but gamers are … [Read more...]

PS4 Diablo 3, Yakuza Ishin, Wolfenstein gameplay videos

PS4 Yakuza Ishin, Diablo 3, Wolfenstein gameplay videos

If you own the Sony PS4 you will probably be sitting there waiting for new games to arrive, from the Taipei Game Show 2014 that runs from Jan. 23 – 27 the show floor has been getting into the swing of things with new PS4 is getting a lot of attention. At the Taipei Game Show many Sony PS4 games … [Read more...]

PS3, PS4 network login downtime caused Twitter mayhem

PS3, PS4 network login downtime caused Twitter mayhem

Did you have PS3 or PS4 network problems? Many gamers had issues trying to login in to the PSN and this caused Twitter mayhem. Sony has since fixed the issue with logging in to the PlayStation Network, and it was blamed on the PS4. When those celebrating Christmas opened up their presents and … [Read more...]

Facebook users being scammed with free PS4 offers

Facebook users being scammed with free PS4 offers

With everybody looking for eleventh hour deals earlier than Christmas, scammers are on the hunt where they offer free gadgets and games on social networking sites such as Facebook for reciprocally for private info. This time round they are offering free PS4 consoles if you like and share their … [Read more...]

PS4, Xbox One UK stock informer socially spread

PS4, Xbox One stock informer socially spread

It seems everywhere you look online the Sony PS4 is very hard to get; the only place we have found where you can purchase is over on eBay. The Xbox One can still bought via many online retailers in the UK, even though the Microsoft console is selling out fast as well. When it comes to the Sony … [Read more...]

Destiny Bungie game release date for PS3, PS4 first

Destiny Bungie game release date for PS3, PS4 first

Thanks to the PlayStation Facebook page they have posted a link to Bungie whom have a set release date for its upcoming game Destiny. The game will be in beta and can be pre-ordered right now via Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and GameStop for $59.99. Sony have scored the deal with Bungie first for … [Read more...]

PS4 beats Xbox One in social media mentions

PS4 beats Xbox One is social media mentions

The new Sony PS4 has sold over 250 thousand units in the UK within its first 48 hours on sale, this s a staggering number when it comes to the Xbox One only managing around 150k in sales. It does not stop there for the Sony PlayStation 4 console because according to new research via ‘Way To … [Read more...]

Twitter shows PS4 popularity after Xbox One reveal

Twitter shows PS4 popularity after Xbox One reveal

Microsoft and Sony are the two big names when it comes to building gaming consoles, and even after the Xbox One reveal it seems the PS4 wins in the popularity corner. Over on GameSpot they started a new “Tweet Your Allegiance Now” poll by using hashtags GameSpotXbox and GameSpotPS4 and all users … [Read more...]

Major Part Of Xbox 720 & Sony PS4 Could Be 3D


It seems that many have now calmed down over the prospect of having an Xbox 720 or PS4 launched in 2012. Various rumors indicated that either Microsoft or Sony would boldly release their next gen console to compete with Nintendo's Wii U. The most likely release period now looks to be 2013 onwards … [Read more...]

EA: Sony PS4 & Xbox 720 Far Away- Gamers Happy With PS3 & 360


Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox 720 are both games consoles that are still very much in the concept stage, but are still being highly speculated about. We have seen a string of potential features and interesting rumors which suggest either could even be with us as soon as 2012. However … [Read more...]

Why Sony & Microsoft Should Make An Xbox 720 PS4 Hybrid Together


A large majority of the latest tech talk has been based on rumors of future games consoles. Naturally Microsoft's Xbox 720 and Sony's PS4 are the first that come to mind, with talk that they could even be with us as soon as 2012. What we want to talk to you about though is the possibility of these … [Read more...]

Sony PS4 & Xbox 720: What Would You Like From Them?


Gaming today is one of the biggest businesses in the world, generating billions each year from the sales of consoles, games and accessories. I think it is fair to say that the 2 established leaders in this industry is Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. Both companies have confirmed … [Read more...]

Foxconn Want More Robots To Make PS4 & iPad 3


The technology industry is amongst the largest on the planet and is one that provides millions of jobs around the world. The rise of machinery has obviously shaved job numbers down; however one of the largest manufacturers of parts in the world is looking to let robots do the work instead of … [Read more...]

Sony PS4 2012 Launch: Overhauled PSN Increases The Odds


In the last week, speculation as to whether Sony will launch a new games console next year has been rife. We have had several indicators this week that could suggest we will see a PS4 or maybe even something like a PS3.5, who knows? Now that Sony has fully restored the PlayStation Network around … [Read more...]

Sony PS4: Production Starts This Year - Surprised?


Sony has for a long time been competing massively in the world of gaming with the different versions of the PlayStation starting with the PSOne and then moving onto the extremely successful PS2. Following that we have the current model which is extremely popular the PS3 and now we are hearing that … [Read more...]

Manufacturers Claim Sony PS4 Coming 2012 With Kinect-Like Features


Since the E3 gaming event last month, the topic of Sony's future PlayStation 4 has been a popular talking point. We know that the PlayStation 3's successor is in development but we know little other than that. Some new whispers are now coming out of the rumour mill claiming that the PS4 will be … [Read more...]

Xbox 720 E3 2012 Before Sony PS4: What’s Needed First?


This year's big E3 gaming event has been and gone and with it came plenty of news from the three big players, Nintendo, Microsoft and of course Sony. We now know that a new Wii U console + controller are coming, new PlayStation Vita, new Nintendo 3DS gaming titles and so on. But what about the … [Read more...]

PS4 And Xbox 720: Do You Think It’s The Right Time?


With one of the biggest gaming events to take place between the 7th to the 9th June, yes you got it the E3, rumor of what we might and might not see has been rife. In posts here at OSM, we have been happy to give you news of a Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) that is due to be landing as well as … [Read more...]

Sony PlayStation 4: Development Under Way Or A Distraction


Sony has certainly taken quite a beating over the last little while mainly because of the biggest hacking scandal we have ever seen where the PSN was compromised to the point where Sony simply switched it off. Whilst it was off they were busy rebuilding the infrastructure and trying to calm the … [Read more...]