Game UK plans Black Friday Xbox One, PS4 deals

The UK last year of 2014 decided to take on the Black Friday sales, in some cases it did not go to plan like retailers expected. January of this year Game UK (Game Digital) issues a profit warning thanks to vast Black Friday competition, so much so many games were given away to sell consoles.

This year Game UK plans better Black Friday 2015 Xbox One and PS4 deals, so much so they have decided to hire extra help by way of an external distribution company. The reason is to handle the load of all PS4 and Xbox One consoles that will be sold on Black Friday, because they feel this year the sale will be much bigger than last.

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The Guardian reported the retailers “4.5% fall in underlying profit to £38m in the year to 25 July,’ with sales rising 2.3% to £962m. Even though Game UK recovered from the sales decline they are taking on its biggest sale this year.

Game Digital’s Chief Executive Martyn Gibbs said they look at Black Friday as being the best sale of the year to bring in gaming console customers. They want then to be a part of Game’s loyalty scheme, selling a console to a customer could start new relationships that could benefit Game UK for 8 years.

Game Digital’s warehouses in Basingstoke, Hampshire will have more time to handle software etc, whilst using a distribution company to handle consoles over Black Friday is a win for both parties and of course the customer.

Are you going to buy a new PS4 or Xbox One via Game UK?

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