PS4, Xbox One UK stock informer socially spread

It seems everywhere you look online the Sony PS4 is very hard to get; the only place we have found where you can purchase is over on eBay. The Xbox One can still bought via many online retailers in the UK, even though the Microsoft console is selling out fast as well.

When it comes to the Sony PlayStation 4 it seems wherever you look online you have to pre-order with delivery coming after 2014, you will either see “Pre-order Now’ or “Temporarily out of stock.”

However, the Xbox One is still available to purchase via Argos, Microsoft Store, Amazon, Game, PC World and eBay in the UK.

Instead of looking around the Internet we want to socially spread the word about Stock Informer, this site automatically updates when stock is and isn’t available, it is a very good tool to have that will save you time.

Click on the relevant links of your preferred gaming console – PS4 Stock Informer / Xbox One Stock Informer.

What gaming console do you want the most?

PS4, Xbox One stock informer socially spread