PS4 v2.50 update with Suspend/Resume problems

The new PS4 v2.50 firmware update is now live and ready to download, just turn your gaming console on and you will see the 245.2MB update. But there seems to be a little problem with the Suspend/Resume functionality on certain games, such as Killzone.

Because the patch is so small it will take no time at all to download, it is probably best to put your PlayStation 4 into ‘Rest Mode’ and it will download v2.50 in the background. But it doesn’t matter how you do it because whilst downloading you will not be able to access online gaming.

PS4 v2.50 update with Suspend:Resume problems pic 1

Since the update went live Killzone: Shadow Fall players will have issues, but only when using the Suspend/Resume features, which was introduced today in the PS4 2.50 system update. Guerrilla has announced players will run into problems, the issue is to do with the Suspend/Resume functionality when entering the suspend function while Killzone is loading into different modes, when saving the game, or while playing cinematics. This will apparently be fixed in the next patch.

PS4 v2.50 update with Suspend:Resume problems pic 2

When trying to access the Killzone website we are seeing an error 404 code, are you?

New features mentioned in PlayStation 4 v2.50 update: Suspend/Resume, Back-up and restore HDD to USB, Find and connect with friends, Facebook friend finder, Improved friend requests, Streamlined Party process, Find friends who play your games, Join Friends directly from news feed, Automatic Trophy screenshots, Share earned trophies and optimise your trophy list, SHARE Trophies, Delete 0% Trophies, Additional Trophy sorting options, Improved and expanded accessibility options. As well as Remote Play and Share Play for games that support 60 fps, and much more. Read the full details over on the PlayStation blog.

How is your PlayStation 4 v2.50 update doing?

PS4 v2.50 update with Suspend/Resume problems