PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime

Questions are already being asked about the scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance, which could take around four hours to complete.

The PlayStation network maintenance will take at least four hours tomorrow (January 15, Thursday), and already many gamers are taking to Twitter asking, “If the PSN is scheduled for maintenance January 15, why was it down yet again last night. Mmmm, could it be it was hacked again?”

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Scheduled maintenance will start January 15 from 9 AM to 1 PM PDT (About 4 hours); there will be back-end improvements made to PSN.

This is nothing special, just a regular update it seems. Gamers who just login to play a game will not know maintenance is going on, as thanks to an update in the PlayStation forums the login restriction a few days before maintenance has been lifted. This means if you have an active account with the PlayStation Network before the maintenance you can still play games online and access other services.

PlayStation Store and Account Management may not be available during the four hours, if you want to play online make sure you have an active account before the period starts.

This is the first regular PSN maintenance after the disastrous Christmas Day DDoS massacre that turned the service upside down for gamers.

There has since been issues with PSN and Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) tweeted yesterday they were aware of customers having issues connecting to the PSN, and that engineers were on the case. A few hours later they said all was resolved and thanked gamers for their patience.

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime