Bogus Safari update adds two nasty programs

There is a bogus Safari update floating around at the moment that can lead to you installing two nasty programs, in that we mean nasty in being fairly hard to uninstall for your Mac.

Thanks to leading researchers Malwarebytes, they have discovered a few websites pushing out a fake Safari update. Even though it is not malicious in itself it will lead to the installation of ZipCloud and MacKeeper, and once installed you may find it a little hard to get rid off if you do not know how.

Bogus Safari update adds two nasty programs pic 2

When you click on the “Update Now” button it will provide the Apple Safari Setup.dmg’ to be downloaded onto your Mac. But once you have executed this will without letting you know install ZipCloud and MacKeeper.

The researchers didn’t find any malicious modifications within the update itself other than installing the two programs, but they still recommend you do not run this particular version of Safari.

People should remove ZipCloud and MacKeeper as well as reinstalling OS X, by doing so this will overwrite Safari and its support files. You will not have to wipe the hard drive so do not worry.

Have you come across this version of the Safari browser update?

Bogus Safari update adds two nasty programs pic 1