Facebook Messenger Basketball Release for Touchscreen Laptops

The new Facebook Messenger Basketball game has been released and it has been causing a stir for the last few hours. At the moment the game is only available for mobile devices only, but what about the web-version?

Do you think a new Facebook Messenger Basketball release for touchscreen laptops should be released next?

This is a question we have been asked by many of our friends, not too sure if this is at all possible considering only a little window pops up in Facebook when you open Messenger on a PC or laptop.

There is a new Messenger update where you can play the new basketball game, whereby you send yourself or someone else a basketball emoji, once you tap this you can start playing, its basically see how many shots you can take until the counter restarts.

Facebook Messenger games seem to be popular, just like the recent chess game. But it always seems to be the mobile app version that gets these games, how about desktop and laptop versions?

It is about time users that use Messenger within Facebook (Web-version) should be able to have some fun also, this would be great on touchscreen laptops.

Facebook Messenger Basketball Release for Touchscreen Laptops

  • Simon

    That would actually be very cool indeed, be fun. Just imagine playing this at work because your not allowed a phone during working hours lol.